My First Blog Post

“A freeing to start,

a new beginning of me-

in this space, this time;

Hoping to spread my wings,

revealing colors of sublime;


ones I’ve been sheltering. “

–butterfly affects

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more in depth poetry. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


Communicate with me;

So –why is it—

These restricted lines that blur the mind

One especially of mine

As being i do this all the time

So many perspectives–that lead rays of the artistic waves that make of


This distance stays–as the compassion craved ,runs away from—-

See–with me

A speaking to life–not an end but beginning of something other than—


communicate with me;

Otherwise , need it be no blame–having i forget something as simple and plain

–this name

Communicate with me

So many signals gist to interfer–as a clearing of being too, something that could be “here”– but you?

My dear, communicate with me

Having a way of doing such, a way of being taking advantage of so much–

by– ” this means”

As a way that cannot stay as this interference continues to play

And me—i


Creative paths heading hour way.

“So make time, to day (to live)”

Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

“This is so me”


This love i find within me

–so present

A heart that burst of colors , so iridescent

;my luminous finding

This reason to be glee, this reason to cherish the feelings i have inside of me

Sensing this passion;

Having to hold to–a having to hold on to

i mean–&—to the account of

these (?)

as in, all of those unconditional words to count

A seemingly endless amount–


–it’s passion i find within me

This love; a sense of feeling

A gift revealing —itself

This one –this same one i’hold inside of me

Concealing itself—

I’ll let that be the lie i tale as i seal it myself

this gift

Endless motions of emotions fufilling , this thrift

I’d rather not have to bargain for–;declaring

this love i find within me–its destined–this iridescent–

All of those unconditionals that keep me of glee

“I would have never known i’d find this love–it’s passion with/in/beside OF me”

Mitchell, Tierra (ae)


“R U N” ,again?

The assumptions made..the make of

This me

A said hidden past

This great riddance–i lead a leave

To dearly depart

These assumptions–the make of

this dreadful peace of me

This puzzle i reek of

Its stench–not easy to take

Oh–me–this make

The assumptions of

Those that i break

This give within a take

all of those i made of

Departing–from me

“Just Leave

Mitchell, Tierra (ae), ok?


I felt the lack

As these words that usually come so easy now leave me in slack

This distilled mind

Failing at its expression–its prose leading me one way –a poems misdirection

This stunned reception–(reflection) ?


“I swear to Bob Dillan, I can write about anything–in any way. This closed mind is so absent to the accent of art and its eccentric spirit. So how would i make of it? I question my writings as i continue with this ‘froze’. nothing coming naturally to mind except the vibe to flow a line as ‘rappers’ do–so in turn i PROSE; this unusual poetry of mine as a nothing sums up to define; these absent words.”

Im not a rapper–i Poet:

Enjoying the art of literature without the need to entertain or seek the attention of—-these ill mannered “beings”

-Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

I hurt my bangs

(Drafts undone) 1; this “habit”

Make a habit of it

I repeat the days

As “do something different” plays

I could only believe in short

His story,

Make a habit of it

The chanting stays,

Keeping a calm sense of each page

Feet touching the ground

“I fell upon this draft as i sought the inspiration to write; of course the inspiration is there but the mind just isn’t”

I hope i don’t make a habit of this.

Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

You can’t live through me.

Ok so here i go again

Inventing by venting on this page

These internal emotions fill with–

Let’s reference more to what’s on this page


Unsettling, this—need for a reflection

This internal “Miss” looking in as a need of direction

One who is unsure of self

So, “what would you do if….?”

All these extraordinary theories as if I were somebody else…maybe “her”?


I am slow to realize being indigenous is not understood. It’s mocked–the tradition, gender– life. All those who have read “history” books will claim to understand. This said, panic–reaction to be more alike, to “get to know”, will make one feel like a personal science project.

Imagine that–could it be possible to have an open mind to such?

–asking for self; as I am majority of the time thinking for this said, someone else.

This inability –to do things because of…

they’re stubborn and lack the mental capacity to adjust—

this agitation of mine–constant hackings of my mind

Seeking for answers you’ve received—

The answers you seek I’ve given…don’t be a burden by trying to live your life through me.

“Take your own chances; grow to know yourself

Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

Miss you–me.

It was just in that moment

The idea of having a family–

Nothing being perfect but yet

this perfection mocked for the sake of being ill

This intent—-coming from

Not being good enough, yet again

So i sat in wonder

Rain now falling from the sky

Keeping my head held high

It was just in that moment—-

A voice sang to remind me that

—–It was because that family is mine;

Assurance that everything would be fine.

I miss you all

–Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

[place Family Portrait here]

This avoidance

Sitting with need to pee, i thirst

This dry mouth

tired —

(So inappropriate.)

Wondering of all the things on my mind

— the thoughts and creativity i just can’t find

In this moment–

I wonder what happened to the girl i crushed

I wonder what happened to the passion , the trust

I wonder what happened to–what is the word i’m thinking of?

–this avoidance

This distance i keep to void this–break

The continuous breaking of pieces, so ugly

This —“love“‘ly

Heart i mined–at least for keeping a sake

This me–the Pride you see


do you see–

I wonder too, of all the things that got a way from me.

Knowing what we want; going for what we can have. All things are possible–however, we make it that way. So if anything ever stops, it may have never been pursued. If anything ever stops, it may be whatever caused it to. If nothing ever stops–it must have never been intended to.

Speaking for self: a need for something, over powers all.



Who am i today.

It feels like yesterday–this waking up as

Whatever it is made up of(ass)

And/so i’ll make up of,

all of the distant sighs –the cries that blister from my heels

These bubbles

Ill walk on , as the troubled skies gray of pain

Laying in this bed of rain; this reign

Drenched by the stench of each stain


It felt like yesterday; waking up as

Who knew i would survive the day

It was actually night.”

Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

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