My First Blog Post

“A freeing to start,

a new beginning of me-

in this space, this time;

Hoping to spread my wings,

revealing colors of sublime;


ones I’ve been sheltering. “

–butterfly affects

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more in depth poetry. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

So yesterday

I’ve rampaged through the day in mellow rage

(what were you doing?)

-recalling of this stage

So tired of this image—

(What is it?)

—tempting turns from this scrimmage

–(“That cat shit”)–

I’ve met with this –& before,

–this now -I’d spoke of in slur

har—bores (harbours?)


i’d meant to say, and spoke of things a different way

(How, so?)

A questioning looking into the I’s of this, seen—but do you know what I mean?


In theory, hearing things and images of blurred lines that lie between

(So succumbing),

–Isn’t it?

(Each scene.)

Meanwhile, the “narrator” works to delete its means


this circumference


The group of ones I ignore

(Bores; i’ve heard you say this before)

–and yes its means

-“a better left off”—–yesterday


Put it together then

Coffee’s Mug (deja who)

Lets call it, Deja Vu

What if you knew–after taking a look

–this threshold–into

Your killers eyes

A mesmerizing daze that held this

Miraging gaze

Like a mirror , “i am aged”

Olde wounds speak as the souls perfume

—these dead fumes;


Amesyth(I mist)-

-Those, once- so-pretty brown eyes that held a distilled place

-Left an exit wound without a trace

Masking of , “what’s his taste”

Messaging to, “what’s her face”

These eyes, once-so, “pretty brown”

-Cold now—

Chairs to, this olde bru

-for stealing sound


(A wonder why no ones around)

except for this mirror.

“Where is your wheels”?—😒what

No-mads-land is where you can find me

Numb to the cite and blind to the feelings- beyond me

I’ve dreamed-these nighs in days to be within or upon this stage

“What if it’s just a –” maze/ sayings of not being phased

Too mind a piece

A wishing upon and mantle —

How-yet i can’t tell

to yell a speech

Laced in this trail

-mix, i gift within this (erra) i trial to sit

–or was it “fit”?

These lines given then-robbed from me for hid-in them— i mend

within the descend –oh this”s–pit”

hells fury, as o-men

“Where are you and why aren’t you scared”?

(😒 These people are as dumb as ‘jail’)

—An accent from Hell



Commercial Class (schooled out)

and/so how is it

(?)—(what a day)–

a question i don’t long to visit

Existing within a realm that some things never change–

within a still self of “being”, the same;

I’d bet it all(s) just to stay sane

And how clever

To live in this “sanity” where all your shit is together

For me that, just- doesn’t exist

Life is what it is and that’s where reality hits

“things” will never be–“same”(sane)

So many poses to perspectives that

will estrange;

Faces change , personalities lie, love fades

without reasons to–“why”–



as the world goes on and your top continues to spin

Advice to never expect an “end”,

as you are——not losing too much

Or maybe it was, “loosing” to much–

and then there -“begins”, the game of–


& secrets to (success & wins) to finish the touch

and/so, how is it–

“I guess

— you dont want too much”


& such is life


Scrabble these-

I’m at a lost for words

Now learning-relearning, “you don’t have to have a response for everything”

and usually -i don’t; however,

This commercial world has brought on -a being of me that’s far gone

So used to the automations-

These responses to the world as it turns around me—i repeat, “as it turns around me”

Known to be an “endangered species” of mankind—

(One should question ” man ” and its kind)

So lost in these words, phrases

Trying to find the words that allow me to say this,

“I’m at a lost for words”—

here i am again standing face to face with


—i’d forgotten a me that was taken advantage and played with–

Only to see,

“It’s not just you”–a forgotten “i’ll let it be–if it’s meant to be–and if not we’ll see”

I’d forgotten these words

the hurt behind the face as the vision curved

I’m at a lost fo(u)r —



“They”dreaming– (too busy daydreaming) 😎

—And the best part

acting out on frequencies that we’d start

Can you imagine –

being not afraid– “of?”

–these feelings that take–“of?”


This picture–just picture; can you imagine–?

“…..” (a face)

Drawing from blanks,

“Such as”

–this “crazy” living , in sanity sanks

(As)-in different

This meeting-its trace

; as indifferent, the chances it takes


Can you imagine realities of fate(?)

A reeling of time

Unleashing these seens–these feelings in mind

Perspectives taken from these broke-in shades;

Colors of rose

To compliment similies of prose–place

For you to imagine—-(what’s ‘is face)

—Mitchell, Tie

Count your (pennies) / blessings?

In couraging, this

A gliding abiding to live

Even if–it’s just-on a page

loosing the noose of this rage

So if

–what- ands occur ?


But it’s–

excuse(?), to express the use of this blessing

awhile taking on a lesson(lessen),

a truth;

A carving– in –courage

As emotions disbursed words that flourish

“Potential is what i see in –“

–you’s (use)

your head , Noun;

As verbs(reality) chains–change

-in courage / encourage;

A facing off that things are never meant to be the same


“No two things are ever alike”



In God’s trust “I”shall remain .

(these blessings)

Naan-Fictional Tells

All these confessions–

to bring to a complete-im guessing?

Ok so make believe; i didn’t know all along–

That 2 rights is what went wrong

And then ignite from “twin flames” (drawing)?

—conclusive to stress

Deminishing sense too illusive to vest-in

This dwelling of minds competing

For? –a time to be?

An alive to which we ignore?

–okay, so can it be—?—

A naan like ever before;

So passed this past that these “futures” are what i dont look towards

Fair well of “tomorrows” that live in yesterdays longing of shadows cast due to left overs boroughed

And beneath thee i speak

As i seek for this NOW that GETS OVER the week(weak)–you heard as you speak

These “bitches”–

My left eye twitches–as an “usher” to let it Burn on repeat

All of this, “to speak”–there was never and will never be..

a truth so unique

“It aint you”

Welcome to “Never-Never Land”


Blades twist (open up)

“Turn me on”,

A stating made to clarity the frequencies gave

“Turn me on to something”–mind stimulating , these waves

Of , the emotions, it made


To thy inner self–

these feelings that once were internally graved

; so hidden

, now risen as (s)he- turns, “me on to something”

This indifference–sensations it paves–

(this) love;

“Oh is it”?–& it twas

As (s)he, “turns me on to something”;

“Now what is it”?

—a reason to rise above

And it was—-


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