Rose 🌹

Although my grass is as green as it is looking to the other side i wonder there, as Daisy’s glow and Violet’s show, flustered from the sun I lie here– hoping for rain , pillowed by your scent, I had ignored an accent, one that bloomed flamboyant hues, A notice.. different colors that stretch the rules; cornering my view I lie now in comfort -reaching behind for a few, a thought to draft, a pick of potential that would give life to a new path, taken by delight now a switch of fright at the pain after seeking personal gain , the truth still remains-as I lie , in a rose bush that left me leeking –its scent still reeking, a redirect to the hues now glowing from my palm as the thorns connect– the dots leave drops as i reached in, it was something that I forgot—– to take the time to focus and just notice
—-the rose bush

red roses
Photo by Artem Saranin on

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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