Funny—no, really?

It’s kind of funny,

no, really?

Looking for the only things that matters more


Whatever “it” means;

To be one in my own and constantly gleam;

A shining.

One brighter than the stars;

Making a wish upon eyes that I didn’t see coming from afar,

It was you that I casted;

My spirit on..

And how dear it; how did you—

Seeing clear through the bullshit that welts two tears,

“You missed it”

—-“I visit”

Voices that spoke between the shadows of my fears

——“it’s kind of funny”—-no, really?

they also said Philadelphia was always sunny.

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

I am what is considered to be a starving artist; support my vision, my dream to be free with a like and/or comment. #Sharedemo

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