Sick of the bullshit—

All the excuses used to prove it, yet I’m the nuisance

Trying to be in a secure state of mind only to find I’m only running to be lost

A seeking to never find

What truly is to be held within the eyes that dwell

These tears I’ve held for years

“Breathe through it”

—-“get used to it”

A being, being fucked over again and again

A losing to win

But what’s worse than feelings that’s cursed

—-“get used to it”, “just don’t do it”

Back and forth with the emotions only to emote with

Reality is, “you were only a joke kid”

—-it was never supposed to be you

“Now what do you do?”

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

I am what is considered to be a starving artist; support my vision, my dream to be free with a like and/or comment. #Sharedemo

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