Idk my bff Jill?

It’s getting harder to believe what isn’t physical. I yearn and reach for things but they aren’t there; so what is it? A mental game fixated to play in an order to have a way ? I’ll say. This isn’t what brings life to the satisfaction of day.

I once made a promise to seize the day; in every moment. Live to bring forth a happiness of truth with every moment.

But there’s always to morrow; I believe it to be a borrowing of time—-too little’s never too late; a, nah it’ll be fine.

Again a never mind.

An estate given to many chances…a costing of what’s late; a leaving without advances.

So as I sit in my head of still…it’s hard to believe it’s real. This present, what is it? I’m guessing

Being the one to sit in question; the inquisition of this position.

“Nothing has happened”, within this chance, I took but nothing has happened. Is it, was it all in my head? Emotions misread or being misled?

A being I’m being mentally stabilized but physically there is nothing there to back up what was made up for me to see behind the lids of my eyes

Truth is:

Physically I’m being blocked from what my heart’s locked. All because misery loves to feast in company;Being entertained by another’s emotional pain.

So as I strain -to reach, for this mental peace, I remain;Seeing no one else before me I’ll leave myself ;to blame.

——“you need to know” but I still don’t

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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