I’m reading along the lines of this poet, between these “lines”, he gives a verbal visual–artistically pinning a point in my mind that, some things are exactly what they seem. A persons intention, dream, philosophy can be so indifferent-so much so that the image it takes on is deceiving. This brilliance–the same ingenuis he posses is used against him within his reality. This “take”–at a political standpoint, he is the “people”. Another take, this breath that i hold within- that makes of this, page–empathic and compassion holds in straint, questioning–now could you imagine? A diversified creation of self, in its own strength, creates a take to combat against its executor. The question to imagine streaks my mind as i strip away each tear. Each drop falling at the imagery, the one i bow to face. This daily news i shadow in post-to pone..for once not for an understanding but as understood. So much supply and demand, and these expectations that had been set I had once declined..but, “just you watch”, showed on this face in time; i had been in this place, maybe, “not as great”, but I had been in this scene because of “faith”. Being the executor out of mind, in this state. Needless to say, it was also “my kind” that took me away. I had declined an indifference, reality showed “we”, there was no difference. This poet allows me to sit and FACE , everything is exactly what it seems ;

I imagine him being a make of his dreams

& in this moment, I’m awake-or so it seems


Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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