Stripes & Stars (ring the alarm)

I am, so unenthused by this ignorance

A breath that leaves me–


And so i choose, to do-

so- as i will

These habits i laid for self–

each hand that i –played for, self

–As I am

and/so –I will

This foot of bill;

a force feeding–

disgusted by the site as i watch the allergies leaving;

through my feet, this breeding

–this ignorance

A lump in my throat to gist at someones hope

–through my legs , i can feel this leaping

As i –am

So unenthused—understood ,

but this chance

Of missing hairs from the —


of my chin takes the advance

“I guess this part of life is called, the advantage; of making a way with a change in plan. I do not attest or agree, at best I NEXT. As a response to not conforming to a color of blue, a dulling. A dumbing down to, this democracy. The same one that contradicts the freedom and right of its own. I instead bleed of color for the ones raised of the home grown. ‘This green I’d sown’ , as I would imagine the red that drips from the fingers of my tips. I foot the bill for all of those trips; Imean–the chances it took to make the advance for the ones that make no—

Catch the sense of the advantage


Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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