And as i sit here, just to stay on the same page

This deficit

A dearly beloved, gone and forgotten

All because “i cant remember”—SHIT

but as the excuse is–i don’t know

–i just…

woke up like —this

,this numb–this dumb

This high that lowed to a grounding point

A sliding, from

a coast

Reaching in to moralize with/in, a compass–

An I to joint with, where?

–a to & from

A sound ;catch the sneeze, as these

” for & when’s” blow through these leaves

see these Tree’s (feet)

–A–tire that’s inspired

To longer yesterday’s , “&/ so” ,

To–morrows will have to wait

It’s dired state–

This borrowed sorrow , so convincing, will have to be its fate-

–no–but, it’s faith

The secret to keeping the “be” in me

;a wake

“So, what are you, noun?”


—a promise cheers to Give & Take.


Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

I am what is considered to be a starving artist; support my vision, my dream to be free with a share, like, and/or donation via PayPal (write me for info so I can at least show gratitude in return).

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