Center with self

“Don’t create it”

This insecure feeling that lingers. Normally I would question what those feelings were before as a stinger. With apologies in advance as it is the ‘being’ in me. Just wanting you to know, everything you stare at ain’t always what you –give it a chance to—See,


Compassionate understanding awaits the response of me;

I’d let it sit in.

Imagination wandering : “Soooo–what are you, smitten”?

Thoughts of it being inappropriate, followed by “i’m just kidding”–

What i heard was: “i’m just hid in”

As a pretty face is so easy to find, but these realities don’t ease my mind.

It was a given; giving that thought a blink or two, and at that moment I wasn’t so sure if these were the thoughts of me, or was it you?

Taking on voices once heard before

“Because” old isnt (k)new even if it was something I’haven’t did before–with “you”.

Astound as these sounds, so sane to me; unfortunately, it was something my mind refrained to be–

So sure;

As an always of need;”aye, something to do”

a weathering of times that past–before–i’d do—

Simplified chances as time wasted away with –who, (k)new

What this would ‘make’ of– you

Appreciating the advance; and before i’d given it a chance these thoughts had got in & a way with you;

“I’d let that sit in”

Still unsure if these words i’d heard before had come from me or, who (k)new?

“Time had gotten away”

Less interested in judging a character; of character. Substance is a form of art- creations. We all have a chance of doing with it what we may. Developing of self with such is to be intrigued by self–for self. Having no grasp on that element leaves me with an absent mind. As i, myself; can only do with what I find, in my mirror.



Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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