TO-Do “THIS”; list.

“Ok so , lets say this…”

For the sake of getting carried away with

This baggage claim;

No tag needed for name

A carryon that has discontinued at this


A needing to redeem; let’s say

All these burdens that gotten a way

They have got in the way

With the “today”;

Creators of time, tomorrow

Because as just–

None of us, have that gist without a tick


So as we –sit; what is this?

Calculating of mines—alike minds

This means of an hour prime

Made sense of this cents

Lacking of these , hence

I hint–

Repeating the same old poems–blogging of the same old romes–

Lacking the substance;

Of common minds–this “of” hour (lifetime)

Seizing of day–as ‘they’ say, us

A better luck at a lack for understanding

These seasonals of beings that i do not trust

For the sake of a lack of minds

Pardon my lack for an understanding

These ridicules, to life

Reiterated for better or worst

Im sure that means worse

Misdirecting a correction;

“What is your purpose?”–as in my reflection–of YOU

Afterall, that is what you called me , todo.

A truth is, less settling;

A lie is worth medaling(medlying)–


With these thoughts that question a words of spelling as miss direction–must say

“Because I went to school; so this has to be right”—this way

Hinting at a chance to be right within this leadership , i’ll say

Noticing its reflection—no real direction–so the answers of ignorance is what i’ll mock


” what is it that you seek that you havent sought. After all of those answers, a still, you havent thought–its you. These people are so annoyed at the continuous questioning that seek me in answering the question for you. But i dont want to hurt “him”–as a hope for understanding. So it couldnt have been ‘me’ thats YOU–this BLAME GAME, is true.”

–Mitchell.Tierra– (AE)

My recorded past is present; stating the obvious is evident; however—it lacks substance. I haven’t done any of those things in a very long time. So is there a needing for me to do—something else?

I am sure i’m somewhere TALKING to MYSELF.

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

I am what is considered to be a starving artist; support my vision, my dream to be free with a like and/or comment. #Sharedemo

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