With use–(this written purpose)

Used to–these norms

All of the things that form for this day

A forum for the days we make

Inspired poetry, prose–shots of a double take

What is the reason–within these seasons we mead through

All within a need to–“these norms”

So used to

As a need to impose and breathe through

One would sit back and think

Maybe at question letting it all sink—

In used, with these norms

The tranquility in these lines—

Oppose to my feelings inside–“used to”

These norms we face–each place—forming to fuse too

An ode to choose —

Brewed ,

As little words come to mind –so used

“These norms”

Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

Today I had a chance to read through some of the other writers, poets–their prose. This perspective was inspired by…all of the, lack of feeling, felt. I found a “used to”, so funny; as i sought for what I thought was a lack of on my own–these, words. All of the ones I read that made up of –this “used to”. Still feeling a need to write, growing tired from this , lack of and being so used too—

Those words—– read.

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