Domestic abuse

Betrayl is fascinating

more than not portrayl

—-having a way with, mines

A study of–detection to

Black mail


So many lives lost in the lies of identities that disguise as faceted faces , baptised

And being a being of;being the victim of– every crime one would hide behind

denial to a way that leads humility

For all sakes–egos pace

Catching drifts of old blows set in place to excuse for an escape

This plan of the—grind


All i need is an excuse to define–all the reasons

For changes that part within hearts as one would bore seasons

Ideally in fall–once pictured to flaw

“How could you still be torn with a decision that was made for reasons.”

Mitchell, Tierra (AE)


Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

I am what is considered to be a starving artist; support my vision, my dream to be free with a like and/or comment. #Sharedemo

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