Interpretations mistaken (tty-l)

I walked into a maze a day–overhearing the need of a fixing

Thinking of a plate–to my mistake

It was all the attitudes at stake


The chill grew as i walked deeper in

Looking around at nothing new

However there was a chapter to begin–

this fixing

–Again; looking for the plate

this natural reaction—was my mistake


A need of a fixing

To no surprise–my contribution was less than realized

For i am–present

But this descent—of what was meant,

of a fixing;

Or so it seemed, quietly as i walked around..seeing dreadful tears from regret

all these reams

—still not knowing what it means,

This fixing;

Maybe it was too good to be true

I just thought of it as a meal—

How would the conclusion ever amount to


“I’d wrote this needing to express the lovely powers of a kill joy. Everything is perspective and somehow there is a seeking to destroy, this inner peace. The allowance to be happy with ones own. This distinct taste of mind. Blindfolded as i walk without doubt to climb–this unheard weariness. A careless affect of not wanting to—share misery with co. A trademark i leave behind and is taken advantage of as if I OWE—“you something”; this compliment. So complimentary to my state of BEING-who I AM. A free state of–mine.”

Mitchell, Tierra (AE)

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

I am what is considered to be a starving artist; support my vision, my dream to be free with a like and/or comment. #Sharedemo

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