Great ball of fire

Aint it funny

How quick the mind changes

A once so interested has now lost interest

Never once coming to mind

A reason now blind

—i’d love to

Is now, i’d lost too

This seeking of a euphoric spin

Maybe it was just a plot twist– just then

Damn , aint that funny

So interestly changed

As this direction in mind,

Still remains the same

“Truth be told it was never lost. The interest was what was used to hold a test of time. Now far it goes leading a way for the mind. Think again, i’ll say. Did you really want to go about it this way? Guessing again–testing again; maybe i should say looking deeper within, as the truth is blind. Leaving the mind–to wander………wait-no, there goes my thunder.”

–Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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