Asalaam—“i like ’em”

Haven’t been ‘ere in a while,

Just something I would say to an olde destiny

Fulfilled or overcome

—the least of worries as I’d get into the here now


Still tiding with all the emotion that renegades from the reaction

; “what was it that brought me here, again”?

The memory of haven’t

The absence of a present, these thoughts that aid to write

The might of a literation

“how does one say this”—the order to grasp the attention of an audience

Metaphors that could picture unprecedented words

The simile that aligns the events that impact ,

Lacking the structure that motivates those words that once embraced

—-this switching of mind

“I don’t even know where I was going with this. I have been absent for a long time. So much to illustrate—stay tuned. (Idk)”

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Breathe, stretch—exhale.

Published by Alpha’s Poetry notes

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