Okay fuck it, I’m not that creative right now to post.

“aye I’m here though, enjoying these ventures I cease to write about(no gossip). Ahh, I imagine this time being a need to know, everything that I’d also need to know. Did I mention right now I’m so dumb –founded? Of course I keep shit to self to content with—that day to day (myob). Uhhh, forgot where I was going with this—write soon

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae

(idk ; still here)

Flashing lights

Ain’t vou the same as I, am

So entitled to

The daily dread

Of course, this me again–at whatever it is that I, don’t

(So do)

This, absent mind of the essence

compliments to the depth that is the only way of its progression

(ways to this script) better yet a page

I’d take more time to reflect on what was said

—still not my best to repeat and rephrase


(where did I begin) mentions of this me again

So perfect, all I’s could yell, (very) at this once a week to–well

(guess I lost it) such perfection to gloss with

Servicing that lisp of me

Demoted words that end in this blasphemy

—-so good morning

Passionate shuns to be something else felt like a good scorn–(ing)

That sting….grasping every time I go back for a….

midword I forgot where I was going with this, where I started. Creative or created? The thought gets hard to part with. Familiar , so–familiar of me;really not remembering a thing but the feeling of leaving off everything I’d ever departed.

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae


Just tell the truth about yourself, I said

The life you portray will never amount or stay

Believing it until it becomes, real

The saying is surreal–taking the chance to make it happen

That’s action

I’ll repeat, tell the truth about yourself

What would Jesus do, only gets you through the new testament…

And then there’s you

Still wondering, wandering through the book—was it fact or fiction?

What does it matter —oh yeah, that problem, living a lie

Reality shows and makes of all sides—tell the truth about yourself,

these lies; references of everyone else

Rumor had it, popularity ruled it—this erra

A reflection of, this world wide to web

“I guess it’s even better when you lead without a name–rumor had it.”

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae



So dearly I
Placed myself within this haste , lie

The given, could it be the expression I used to face, (sigh)

The daily dread of denial

A constant “it’s not you, it’s me” to trial

; revolving in all the “fuck it’s ” to name

Triggered by the blow of blame

these little tides , lie

A given

Guess it to be a form of normalcy, a face of “the ancestry”

Little lie, it’s not you it’s me—–vibe

A flow to stride with in sane

“let me guess: you wanted to get to—


—im sorry,

what’s your name?”

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Ink couldn’t retrace those moments ; dearly.


“you’re so fake”–(fuck), I say

in repeat of all the nays that ever said a thing

–this to me, never meaning

“so give it meaning”, as it is addressed to smear

“faux, a favorite word, now wear”, (fuck)

–this made up , a face of fad , full of cosmetic schemes

“all I can comprehend is, what does all of it mean…”

To you or I, in a reflected mirror facing to piece

“so puzzling as I adjust in place to whatever is needed , whoever is needed”

Maybe there should’ve been a ribbon to place, of this, fake (faux;fuck).

—-mitchell, Tierra ae

At a Fling

— a sling

This constant pulling of me,

Encouraged not to hold back

–pulling at a way with me;

Await I stuy, buried beneath the ups that once were high

Glaring again at this once over, “yeah I was there”

Passing tense , I’m here

—caring about this sling;

Appetizing that sting–murmurs from a drunken slur:

“where’s my shot?”

Being flung to cling

–oh this me, again–at whatever it is

“I bring “

—Mitchell, Tierra ae


Saddle up

Encourage the writer within to fill the energy that once felt what was meant to pen

All of this advice with need to advise this dulling

Foresee , a new begin

Those abstract day dreams , the colorful bows that lit the night through there mares

Yeah that scare,

Losing your feet ,feeling nothing but the eyes

—-staring back inside

Ahh, gratifying those long sighs

; bring back that surpass , that dismissed the disappointments of “bye”

Just think

The encouragement was to write , this meaning now being , excite

Let’s ignite the passion again

Just letting it be known , this dulling is daunting to what’s been meaning to transcend

Mitchell, Tierra ae

“okay, where to?”

Letter to addiction (ex)

“Write a letter to your addiction, goodbye.”

Sorry it didn’t work out for you as well as you thought it would, for me. I’ve sailed through eternities, just you or I. Of course I could never tell,so high. These fumes of us are now, much dull than ever , lasting less in time. I now wander, was that you or , I? This answer never to be certain ,yet obscure, wanting more and more. A chasing of this feeling, rise. A sense with no offense but to climb, oh years: hell yeah. A place endured by “trust”, leading to many nowheres for the both of , us. Was it me–no, you—see. Argggh! Too fun , where am —-i—run. I don’t even remember a thing that happened , never asking. This , sense of fallen—-nevertheless has ended, mom’s calling.

“best sex had, wouldn’t I agree; this addiction to , me?”

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae


Don’t cling to me as if I’m projecting a better version that could never be

This meant to be ,

I lack the getting of, I’ll see.

A knowing as said with thrust of lisp

is displayed, not played.

Speaking within this writing for myself, I don’t play–the game.

A face scene by plenty, knowing less of me, spreading well of all of my name(s).

“find yourself.”

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Olde, latin.

Understanding is not as empathy stands in a mean

I don’t need the feeling of , an understanding

; the mind behind the use of words that leads in power,

Love, sorry.

Trailing to blind and leave behind, this empathy.

Gripping , that was for me–this feel

Ranging the silence of sympathy–

Freighting for, you or I , that I sense

Tales that would not leave this —

Let’s call this tempting a , shell;

Where is this leading, marks make of instances guessed

as this me, standing —-trance

“all of these words, meanings. No, I do not wish to hear a version that defines. I’d have a better prime with the notion that you visit in hell. I do not dwell,

I Dua.

—-Mitchell, Tierra ae

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