That ,

buzz How? —this question, a relief in spite to …bring about the memory Don’t forget about: “All of the time being flung to cling” —that question So multifaceted; I’ll use it as it seems That buzz Oooh, ahhh; that feeling Just a taste left over for , wait There it goes again —mMm, that questionContinue reading “That ,”

Puppet (eer)

Funny, is it This take on all of the emotions raked ….and A play on, all of the words said Repeated offenses bargained to betray A pose to prance upon a dismantling state Un”bothered”, so wanted — In fiery with this jaunt of fire “oh how I want this , so I’ll be” —–did youContinue reading “Puppet (eer)”

There (addressed)

This is the part where I say, you guys are nuts Really though, The first step is admittance, so I’ll just bare the fruits that I’d been given; Ha! “you know that something that’s admired about me, that thing that I do..sitting alone–blankly. Yeah those spaces, that time–that feel, is what I do. So admiredContinue reading “There (addressed)”


Surely there are moments that bring about the feelings of being hopeless, This miss-in romantic, the better half of me Awakening the other half of, me— Absence of exhaustion amounts from idled time , referencing this simple tensed mind Or will it be a sulking of fear on how this could be getting away from,Continue reading “Voyage”

Where’s the change?

what part is this? Idle sitting as turns are taken, this toll on, me —a way of saying, “you don’t need to know everything” So why are you here —another reason to destress, this letting it be creating this “run” for me–how will that be when boredom is stricken so easily And of course there’sContinue reading “Where’s the change?”

(bass) Lo

Dont try to place me Involved in array This life of me, so excited This problem you see, controlling Sickening for this, I —again off lifting, this array Don’t place me, to take—away “numbyo-hoour–ainngae—“ Cure?

Not grey.

You need to know So do I This holding grasp from me Knocking –let me No I’m not asking Quietly inhaling this discreet Ascending , this whiff of hue As to say, “did you follow me ? Here“ Swallowing to drench the sweat burning from lie Take this, Pull back- open close– flush , nowContinue reading “Not grey.”


I want to go deeper Hungry for the–flesh that drew me in Do me away with it –tense I grew stifling, within, holding I want to go deeper Gripping the sense that came over me A rush so intense, thrilling my–vision Where? To the, air—drawing again, these concluded words Making sense , so secluded …tongue’sContinue reading “Pull”


Having said all of this A once over— Have I learned enough or did I taken in too much This one thing A lesson in many—coursed as this hair I , What is it called when I do that thing in the mirror (the manly version)– This once over , yeah that thing —-so takenContinue reading “Speed”


Ready? Okay fuck it, I’m not that creative right now to post. “aye I’m here though, enjoying these ventures I cease to write about(no gossip). Ahh, I imagine this time being a need to know, everything that I’d also need to know. Did I mention right now I’m so dumb –founded? Of course I keepContinue reading “Present”

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