I wrote your fear a letter…

I felt your fear of not being enough, a mere bluff. It was as if an anchor had fell without sound. I won’t ever reject you but I can’t keep this fear around. So I made promises with faith, in fate of these feelings that make up. You were never too much;more than I couldContinue reading “I wrote your fear a letter…”

Heart on Repeat

The fact that I can feel you; the passion behind the intuition that lies in my mind. I’ve felt it all along, feelings so strong. So present, this time I can close my eyes and embrace you; in each moment. So conscious of these feelings as I own with, my senses. Bigger than any fireContinue reading “Heart on Repeat”

To live a tale.

Knowing things will never stay the same, I embrace change The way things are and the way I am, can’t stay the same. I have grown to greater heights from the last time I stood here, but this still doesn’t seem right So adamant about getting this right; this time, it’s time I’ve been studyingContinue reading “To live a tale.”

Dear Future Wife,

I’m already so in love with you. You are everything I need you to be for me, for us. In return I am going to fulfill your every need and want. I have to make you as happy as you make me. You speak a language that I’ve been introduced to so fluently, I tryContinue reading “Dear Future Wife,”


This ain’t an ordinary post, no- not an ordinary poem of mine. Today’s just another day nonetheless with a lot on my mind. It’s time to start anew, and I don’t know how. All I know is I need to manifest a new life that exposes a “you” that makes me proud. See in theseContinue reading “Manifestation”


To be honest I’ve written many of these in my absence Forcing myself to become present in a sense Noticing my presence tense I’ve wrote and ripped up each page in rage So tired of the same rhymes that drop metaphors within the same lines It’s like I’m pouring out my life with feelings I’veContinue reading “take❤care.”

💘 Love

Love;I could write about you in many ways writing stanzas that leaves flowing for days But, I won’t They say take you seriously But, I don’t And how could I ? After all you were never any good for me Left me blind disappearing right before my eyes could see So nope not this timeContinue reading “💘 Love”


Patience A key With held a waiting to be exhaled Trusting of time Be it on your side A willingness to abide, for moments ones to live without pride like it or not –wait for time is all you’ve got With each turn Enduring a lesson, what’s the use of stressing? Haven’t you Learned? ;Continue reading “Patience”

Truth is

Truth is I’m finally over it The expectations I’ve held for self Standards that detriment my health –To fit the bill ; setting apart for a piece of wealth Truth is I loved you more than I loved myself That’s why I’d lost myself when all the while I thought I was losing you andContinue reading “Truth is”

Rid of the bullshit

Get rid of it What ever it is All of that shit that sits Weighing you down to the floor Problems that you ignore let them go Flying free in the wind a release from within For once be free of the grief find your peace Let self love increase Just breathe and release

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