Ok so now, what gives? “A bare shit —it’s like I had to” one last excuse, I put it to use without question: It was me reflecting— “This mess…I made it on my own And now it lingers within —“ So go in peace; please release This “shit” that you’ve held for time It’s obviouslyContinue reading “WTF”


Everything has told me what I should Although I shouldn’t In a sense that meant I yet to have I was gonna, then made a promise that I wouldn’t Just then the going got tough For two sides that folded and read; Enough is enough It was for me then as it now: As reasonContinue reading “Muted”


Truth is I’ll never get an answer To the questions I ask That’s why I speak a silence that know hands would grasp The air from my lungs as soon as I question ; A leaving to guessing So again I ask in reply, Self, why? I answered remotely as if it fell from theContinue reading “?lueless”


Oh the nerve of you You stand there as if you’ve got it all Figured out Tuh..then why do you Lie, here Take this, just a sip It’ll cure that thing which you carry You know, The coat that you bring The one that you leave on and it tends to cling Never hanging itContinue reading “Go-Figure”


Silence filled me as I opened my eyes I’m awake; I lie in a restless state Questions of should I? As my alarm rings in fate, I guess As the birds chirp nearby with answers to my request I fade out to the sound Not knowing when my feet will hit the ground —-still I’mContinue reading “#Bound”

A mourning slept

How do you make amends with things that seem to have no end No matter how much of the future you grasp, here comes along your past I’ve tried to release my demons in ashes and smoke Internally torn swallowing my tears as I choke Taking sips of tequila to wash down the grime RepeatedContinue reading “A mourning slept”

“Who am I?”

Just to think, A few months past I wanted it all Just to compliment You know a life; One that felt accomplished I diminished; In the thoughts alone, confusing them with dreams Reality is all I ever wanted was the love it brings, So why bother? Why bother even doing all of these things, justContinue reading ““Who am I?””


I’m sitting in this pit My stomach As empty as it is I’m full of it I look to mirrors below and huff “You said you’ve had enough” So what is it? I ask myself looking with indecision “It’s in a decision” A conclusion replied as I bled out of the incisions With no witnessContinue reading “Smile”

God for-bid

What’s left to do when there’s nothing left of…”what you thought was left?”—-Yet it’s left up to you to do, what’s needed. Given plenty yet left with a few..short pennies Advice to take heed but yet to be given any. I’m so sick—My stomach growls to the empty beat of my hearts drum as itContinue reading “God for-bid”


To live a dying lie The truth shatters once again a broken piece This time to wash away in peace Sick from the scent that came in from The sound, as he looks around There’s no one Yet someone is staring back at him With hopes to bring hope to the deaf After all he’sContinue reading “Vengeance”

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