This cheer

As the darkness fell I lit up within A sudden succumbing, escaped just then I believe it all–the tears tested Ripping her thin A reflection demonstrated with them Those tears Familiar to the face she sees So familiar with this, me A shadow of the past For the both her and I Feeling no needContinue reading “This cheer”

I fell

This morning I fell Again–a slip from just then The sky awoke a place in me I set from Along came this stage As followed a resting —“do you receive the notations I perceive” Or do you deceive Shifting my mind—i , now dreaming Got lost into time Falling again–the pages from my — fellContinue reading “I fell”


A lifetime written in psalms Spoken words rid in at the seams of my —these poems of mind I live in These pieces that bring peace to me A sudden pale that hailed of — These bold colors I see This iridescent–a perspire Feeling with need I alieve to inspire These pages I create —Continue reading “Inside”

Captivity withheld

“Come join me” A long drawn voice tired out to say “I see why they make you this way” Refusing to utter a lie, having no voice to sigh This hum of an understanding Breezing with vibes like the frozen wind A wandering of its means started to settle just then …all of these reasonsContinue reading “Captivity withheld”

A waste of time

Burdens carry themselves into places Looking around at unknown faces This familiarity To be so keen and extreme as a being unseen So familiar As the heart races to keep pace Seeing a still standing in the same place Feet disappearing To a look around—a means to look around This setting Burdening those once lookedContinue reading “A waste of time”

Great ball of fire

Aint it funny How quick the mind changes A once so interested has now lost interest Never once coming to mind A reason now blind —i’d love to Is now, i’d lost too This seeking of a euphoric spin Maybe it was just a plot twist– just then — Damn , aint that funny SoContinue reading “Great ball of fire”

I open

I awake daily to a night sky —where am i? A look around holds my daze Figuring a way to make due with this rain —eyes still heavy from sleepless pain I lay again Looking toward the—last days that held promises in this morrow These dark clouds blur my vision with its sorrow –a seekingContinue reading “I open”


I hold these words within my mind These vows created from me Again, I repeat, these vows Turning I’s into we’s Rememberance A going far long &— just breathe These depths in mind, Casting away For you- I see A reason to be here “At some point you need to ground;if not then—-the point isContinue reading “Dear…”

Tell me, it is you

I want to write a million words on the feeling of a near Yes her–you Is it real? My dear—is that me you see? lying within my lap with these eyes that darken to pour in mine Deeper than the breaths i take as the frustrations break this silence A sense of peace– A sereneContinue reading “Tell me, it is you”

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