is it, A RU-iN?

A tornado purged Removing the rest that was left It’s like I felt my breath Move as the room spinned I repent Again As only god can save me from this hell Boxed in like a cell as I dwell in Each moment made to matter As if This life I chose was made toContinue reading “is it, A RU-iN?”


Trees breeze as the wind cools the air Visions of the past become present pictures painted In the shade I can now see it clear The skyline, Of course I figured the 8 s in the sky It was a once upon a time Somehow I’m now legally blind But these rays… They make theContinue reading “Laying”

speak now or forever hold your piece

I felt the parting…the feeling of not being able to be near you any time soon and the feeling consumed—me it was me that couldn’t make the decision as if my heart wasn’t all in it;just then I felt the ground diminish Yes, I know, here is where we are and complete with a connectionContinue reading “speak now or forever hold your piece”


I’m sorry I needed to take a moment to feel this, to process it. I made a joke out of it and laughed a bit but the truth is it kind of hurt and I felt all of it. The shade that hit me as the wind chilled me and made me still, just forContinue reading “Chill”

This chair

I sit here within this chair. A place of work and yet I feel like the piece that needs work. “Am I doing enough?“ Thoughts that come to mind as with feelings of exhaustion from doing what could be too much. In this chair I sit, alone. In search of comfort within my home. WhereContinue reading “This chair”

Be Beautiful

I dare you to be who you are in this exact moment. A being so sure of self, without affirmation from anyone else. I dare you to smile, fill the room with your inner glow and be proud. I dare you to embrace your inner child and face fears.—So what if you cry I dareContinue reading “Be Beautiful”


So what do you do when you realize that nobody around you wants the best for you? You learn yourself and what life is You rise above You overcome You become everything you knew you could be And you forget about them ——You follow your heart.

So self-love..

You’ve pulled away, to give you time—to give me time; to be One in self, happy for the sake of a me. “I need you to be yourself, love”, because self-love is the way it’s supposed to be. So “don’t do it because of me”, is what you said. “Do it because home is aContinue reading “So self-love..”

“But why?”

Part of me says, push harder the other says, you’re doing great, it’s better to be sure or else what will it all be for? There is no rush just as there is no reason to wait. Ok so wait;I gave the Universe a big request, only to hear its reply, “but why?” That couldContinue reading ““But why?””

Tuned in

I see it all before my eyes, hindsight. The universe always knows what to say, just at the right time. “Be brave enough to choose yourself even when others don’t”, again you’ve read my mind. I’ve been in this spot for hours, meditating it all. Taking time to feel what’s real and right before meContinue reading “Tuned in”

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