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Asalaam—“i like ’em”

Haven’t been ‘ere in a while, Just something I would say to an olde destiny Fulfilled or overcome —the least of worries as I’d get into the here now —- Still tiding with all the emotion that renegades from the reaction ; “what was it that brought me here, again”? The memory of haven’t TheContinue reading “Asalaam—“i like ’em””


Here I am I know your not looking Still somehow , so hard to find So easy it is of me to remind this absence Never choosing to flee , but being ran This to and fro —constantly “I am senseless “ —-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Servitude (help needed) A donation

Asking for a friend… One of the best tourist destinations anywhere on the planet is the gambia. Its called “The Smiling Coast” of Africa and it’s one of the most beautiful jewels in the whole continent of Africa. It is referred to as the ” The Smilies ng Coast” because of its geometric shape, forContinue reading “Servitude (help needed) A donation”


How do you handle suchlike A distaste, or spite Needing, a wanting, whatever it may be What is the response to an answer that yells, see That know, Knowing all it was that ever meant was just,no A jiving, pricking–kniving Is it a state of survival or do you still feel like you’re dying —-isContinue reading “Rejection”


Money talks —-i sit in silence This marathon has a last to go on Time grew fond of the fumes a gassing of too strong —revealing this birth, a newfound ………..”fond“. “where, what, when?” —-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Gong ho

“do you hear”? Far gestures emphasized —-so meaning this, this lessing of, I don’t So listen to this Astounding to the surround , a tuning of serene Again so centering —-“do you hear” Again- felt as vibrations nerved a moving from me —haven’t I sounded in this way , a must’ve been Now ever then,Continue reading “Gong ho”


So soothing Like mellow tones ; about this So tranced I’ll answer before you , All the whole standing on being Anything other than —breath taking “this feeling is under ying to be something, else felt like a good day, dreams — explain it to be done ; I mean” —-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Today the holy month of Ramadan starts

2days ago……..😒 I want to wish all my Muslim friends a blessed Ramadan. May Allah SWT Bless us all with the fortitude to fast with purity of heart and spirit. Aameen #Keepitalive #RamadanKarim Today the holy month of Ramadan starts


Tell me you love me I quote the moans that whisper the very last breath Before I wake again depth again, slumbered —-“are you sure this is what you—-‘ Proceeding to find this , tongue I thought of a need, less of saying —– Grasping again this–aura, “was it……… –baby”; Biting now, this act of—–Continue reading “DogmA”

(somewhere) in Awe .

This dirty ink , so blended upon my skin Painting faces to subject a story that I don’t have to ………”what is the need”? I guess you missed it, again So bored of the same ol’ flick of tongue —-envied as much ; secrets sought upon this approach you’re dared to be, (take) —-i reallyContinue reading “(somewhere) in Awe .”