Asalaam—“i like ’em”

Haven’t been ‘ere in a while, Just something I would say to an olde destiny Fulfilled or overcome —the least of worries as I’d get into the here now —- Still tiding with all the emotion that renegades from the reaction ; “what was it that brought me here, again”? The memory of haven’t TheContinue reading “Asalaam—“i like ’em””

Servitude (help needed) A donation

Asking for a friend… One of the best tourist destinations anywhere on the planet is the gambia. Its called “The Smiling Coast” of Africa and it’s one of the most beautiful jewels in the whole continent of Africa. It is referred to as the ” The Smilies ng Coast” because of its geometric shape, forContinue reading “Servitude (help needed) A donation”

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