cliff note (hanging)

Being lost for words I found myself Not able to write As easy as it is for me usually To piece to mind subtle words and cliche rhymes I’m stuck- yet again; Another rut I’m facing replacing a flow with a blank As I sank deep into thoughts of, nothing searching a feel -for something,Continue reading “cliff note (hanging)”


Clicking to refresh and then click again what am I looking for- Is it, A feeling to reassure ? My inner self that’s holding in depth While holding my breath . Through these pages -I’m flipping Now skipping While discontented With rights that may have been wrong . A feeling that just ain’t a wellContinue reading “Tapped”

define love

my mind drifts, as gears shifts seeking to find a grounding, because after all love is, The ability to set a bounding, and care for self as health is wealth; Constant reminders, that love is a sharing, between two mutually Being able to care for and with adoration that lies truthfully, within the ability toContinue reading “define love”


I don’t want to– treat the one like just another I want to– be careful; Being care -full and in tune of feelings that leave room, for love ; So I hover, daily through highs and lows With hopes To see the other side of bows That rain color ; An inner glow I wantContinue reading “untitled.romance”

Hidden Agendas

In the back of my mind something is hidden A subject that I’ve written– No the fact that I have written about and been wrong Singing the same ole song, of love; Over and over a fairy tale loom A looking to a bride, As if I am the groom While shoving a shoe thatContinue reading “Hidden Agendas”


you ever get tired of the same ole bullshit Like the same song whining as a reminding, of how love sucks With no teaching but a reaching For you too to sulk and feel a reminding No matter how far your progress A feeling of digress The illusions made of intrusions to mind clouding yourContinue reading “Bullsh*t”

A Written Wonder

To whom it does concern, I always think of you, night and day Even if just for a while subtle thoughts that make me smile, (not just smirk,) I wonder what you think of me, (especially the times when I was a jerk;) Truly; I’ve seen many smiles on you as a reflection But withContinue reading “A Written Wonder”

Moonlight III

I saw the moon again last night It lying still This time not full A piece of it was missing Its color much more dull than before A beige not white or bright I saw the moon again last night this time something was off Its back against a wall Looking at me as IContinue reading “Moonlight III”

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