A ponder from yonder

So what is it… That you’re selling How does one possess the things —“ain’t no telling” Rules that you live by Doing it all just to get by To live a life as it replies But still; They want to know; So what is it, that you’re selling? Even Chelsea claimed with no name ToContinue reading “A ponder from yonder”

My Sun-set eyes

A word of wisdom came to my surprise A look that deepened with each stare of the i’s As I confide with a soul that ties A bond never spoken A sharing of more than a token It was the key The one that once made me, believe I wanted to be just like—- AContinue reading “My Sun-set eyes”


The problem is We as people are too wrapped up in our egos We need to be right about our wrongs just to be And just be- Oh-cause, a knowing is everything and it has to be right A proving, just as a way to life So hurt me; I’ll use what you have toContinue reading “Friend-ly”

A fair—-“well.”

I fill myself with all of these, things Things as they are, so fulfilling Without them life is less thrilling So I lead a line molding A beholding of chill Frost bitten by will Methods they threaten as excused Lies fallen on deaf ears A cause that has no use All in fear,—all of fearContinue reading “A fair—-“well.””

Cancel sub script

As stressed out as I am I have a believing A promise to mind that’s relieving — a reliving of a time released from mine to sit through dealing As disturbing as it sounds, Reality is, It’s as disturbing as it sounds I can’t even fixate my mind to think straight so instead of doingContinue reading “Cancel sub script”

As time degrades a passing of ours was made “I’ll call it—-“ A testing of time; the same shit I sit, day in and day out Around about in lapse Imagining a self holding an axe Freeing thee of this fire, This hell that gels, leaving sense of a cell As thoughts dwell All toContinue reading

Open doors

It’s the first day of the week I haven’t eaten a thing but sleep As I sit still with the feelings of real—- A life that has taken its appeal Only to plea, a sigh of glee Escaping from the misers tomb As thoughts keep me bound I open my eyes to look around AContinue reading “Open doors”

Out (&) of My Mind

“Now all that you could be doing, this is what you do?” Ain’t that something (too good to be—“you”) I spend a time alone, one would think Only to be criticized for having a peace of my own A mind state I’ll let the thought be great because, Yet again I can do better thanContinue reading “Out (&) of My Mind”

🌈with Pride

It was tonight when I saw you Dancing like the sun as it sets on the oceans tide Each rhythm so smooth and unique An optic voice in tune with each beat —I created, no You, created a smile So proud It was you within the I that had spoken so loud I’d seen soContinue reading “🌈with Pride”

“ U “

It was this, just then That something you do, when You looked at me Letting me know you —wasn’t the same Instilling reassurance with the once upon a time, you bring And with each word I again, cling —-“I know it’s you”; I noticed you too. The memory became present with disdain ; All becauseContinue reading ““ U “”

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