Full housed

So this self Reflects on the assumptive Again, me I had to say it again to remind Self this is therapy, like poetry The twisted turns I learn a back A not knowing —dumbing A numb to cure these—things As the assumptive sting Numbs my brain So repetitive—out numbered again Surrounded alone Looking as thee—Continue reading “Full housed”

To inner self center

I felt the rain fill my eyes A sensitive sting Nourishing what was once dry I cite The drops that blend A sent to capture the light that struck To strain Each give in Closing to the sound of scent This dew Misting free A relief to a greater feeling A soul moving away fromContinue reading “To inner self center”

Sig a ré

I’m going to do myself this favor –Far , a long time A mention of mine that I’ve prayed for A go To this bench I meet —-a standing Another chance to — A cutting of myself left off the words I’d usually guess This spreading … I myself grew —thinning out from time ThisContinue reading “Sig a ré”

They come alive

On today As said , with no time for tomorrow I follow by thread Each gesture leading a beholding — A pause igniting by feeling I question a mere being within This leading of her again , by a memory Do you remember me? As a knowing of being here An acknowledge of me makingContinue reading “They come alive”

(WAU) acronyms

Poetry— The gift of a poet I believed to be far less than what I am This poet–i’ll let it be my poetry As I am This far gone influence Too paved to be amazed This insane comprehensive recite of me The art of speech For so long I allow it to be; as suchContinue reading “(WAU) acronyms”


And naw-i don’t write, as much anymore Too busy taken on the harbors that bore with Let’s call these emojis These stricken wounds that stings the — Ok well now you see why I don’t do this anymore What was it that I was drawing–? Summed up to think– the reality of It is envisionedContinue reading “Poure”

Still , there

Through the glooms I settle within Unsettling a look given What it is ; this introspection After all the given reflection Invades left constant fumes —these perceptions; Released a head of mine to my own Demise A misery that tainted my soul despised — I’ve laid and — outcries —- My mind; listening to theseContinue reading “Still , there”

Compassion it

Isn’t it funny..how motivation lacks When the thing that is asked of you just won’t come back These words taken–hidden for ransom This granted piece …isn’t this ; it An asking of –for the surpassing To think I just blinked— An everlasting –outlasting this fit—fad to suit Isn’t it funny To know I meant allContinue reading “Compassion it”

A jolting

With every step a head I yield This once built A now glance around this new found So dumb founded I still—this shutting of mind A giving to piece of its kind A meaning to hint at peace I reek of the foul oder from the language it speaks Spilling fog from my Misjudged What—aContinue reading “A jolting”

Ther–a P

So i made a project to write These three things; subjective to help me with, many dreams Or call them wishes , what ever came to mind As I cannot think of anything at this time Writer’s block; That’s it , standing on what ever it was that held these thoughts furthering from mine MyContinue reading “Ther–a P”

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