Communicate with me; So –why is it— These restricted lines that blur the mind One especially of mine As being i do this all the time So many perspectives–that lead rays of the artistic waves that make of See This distance stays–as the compassion craved ,runs away from—- See–with me A speaking to life–not anContinue reading “TTY”


This love i find within me –so present A heart that burst of colors , so iridescent ;my luminous finding This reason to be glee, this reason to cherish the feelings i have inside of me Sensing this passion; Having to hold to–a having to hold on to i mean–&—to the account of these (?)Continue reading “ily2”

“R U N” ,again?

The assumptions made..the make of This me A said hidden past This great riddance–i lead a leave To dearly depart These assumptions–the make of this dreadful peace of me This puzzle i reek of Its stench–not easy to take Oh–me–this make The assumptions of Those that i break — This give within a take allContinue reading ““R U N” ,again?”


I felt the lack As these words that usually come so easy now leave me in slack This distilled mind Failing at its expression–its prose leading me one way –a poems misdirection This stunned reception–(reflection) ? —- “I swear to Bob Dillan, I can write about anything–in any way. This closed mind is so absentContinue reading “Ignorance”

(Drafts undone) 1; this “habit”

Make a habit of it I repeat the days As “do something different” plays I could only believe in short His story, Make a habit of it The chanting stays, Keeping a calm sense of each page Feet touching the ground “I fell upon this draft as i sought the inspiration to write; of courseContinue reading “(Drafts undone) 1; this “habit””

You can’t live through me.

Ok so here i go again Inventing by venting on this page These internal emotions fill with– Let’s reference more to what’s on this page —- Unsettling, this—need for a reflection This internal “Miss” looking in as a need of direction One who is unsure of self So, “what would you do if….?” All theseContinue reading “You can’t live through me.”

Miss you–me.

It was just in that moment The idea of having a family– Nothing being perfect but yet this perfection mocked for the sake of being ill This intent—-coming from Not being good enough, yet again So i sat in wonder Rain now falling from the sky Keeping my head held high It was just inContinue reading “Miss you–me.”

This avoidance

Sitting with need to pee, i thirst This dry mouth tired — (So inappropriate.) Wondering of all the things on my mind — the thoughts and creativity i just can’t find In this moment– I wonder what happened to the girl i crushed I wonder what happened to the passion , the trust I wonderContinue reading “This avoidance”

Who am i today.

It feels like yesterday–this waking up as — Whatever it is made up of(ass) And/so i’ll make up of, all of the distant sighs –the cries that blister from my heels These bubbles Ill walk on , as the troubled skies gray of pain Laying in this bed of rain; this reign Drenched by theContinue reading “Who am i today.”

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