Grim Reaping

standing,  Within this wreck Looking around at regret and grief as tears lie within to pillow these sheets– ripping to shreds; what’s left ? oh & how stupid of me, to let this be ,  a mess of me–myself–as I’ve made sacrifice, once to a life now graved — leaving rest to piece fragments ofContinue reading “Grim Reaping”

a picture ‘s words

Hey you, stressing to become something Looking around at everyone Trying to live up to that one thing, because after all they’re accomplishing dreams And though everything ain’t what it seems that still doesn’t take away the feeling that it brings Forthcoming , you now sit in anxiety and fright It’s late at night asContinue reading “a picture ‘s words”

Realm’s Image

You’re crazy they said as she looked in a mirror A reflection of voices she’s heard she saw beauty in a mind of vision creativity in site what they told her to be wrong intuitively felt right she freed herself in the image one used to define a piece of her Giving her peace toContinue reading “Realm’s Image”

what?s love

Love what have you done to me? You’ve matured me in areas that left me grey facing a new day in hopes filled with wishes for you to come around again just like a boomerang and sprang my goodbyes into hello’s from your sweet halo a touch only an angel can bring I’ve tasted theContinue reading “what?s love”

hearts poem

There’s no place like, home. One made out of the cards she holds Keeping her heart safe as her poker face unfolds; a house full of the memories she kept framed; the pictures they hang, on these walls, the faces that go as they’ve came. — she sits alone, there within the room kept ofContinue reading “hearts poem”

Astrology’s fight

Staring into skies A look for you within the darkness of night I search to reignite a moment in your eyes with not a star in sight –a shortcoming Now ongoing–in this place a running of displace feelings once misplaced to back again, my back again faces the moon as I reach into the darkContinue reading “Astrology’s fight”

A never ending story

lately words can’t describe, — as he shuts down with pride, — arms open embracing emotions of the broken, — a voice hid in now soft spoken — he swallows the lies leaving — a lying awake while sleeping — thoughts now creeping through the subconscious of mind — so consciously blind as he reachesContinue reading “A never ending story”

“They’re just….thoughts”

it’s now morning. I’m here again, lying still as thoughts fill the air , stifling I try to, place them into words –a fitting of rhymes in blank spaces; confined with so much to define bringing a pen to a blank page titled: “Thoughts once emptied by the mind” A poets letter to emotions manyContinue reading ““They’re just….thoughts””

finding destiny

He walked for hours on end sprinting the earths sphere with hopes to find an edge The very ledge that would hang his hopes As he hung his head he walked away his cast of dreams Leaving footprints in his life as he replayed scenes All leading up to a place that he’s never beenContinue reading “finding destiny”

To love alone

Unsettled in our own company we makethe marks and mistakes ofsettling for love -or a lack thereof;Feelings of alone makes us groan–reaching for hearts & persons to call our ownwhen really we’re better left-home;In an inner sanctuarywhere our hearts lie-a leaving to ourselves as our hearts untie with internal struggles that detriment our healthunknown toContinue reading “To love alone”

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