Adventure of a lifetime

Havent written in so long–i complient these extraordinary days This airy sense of clearview Hoping to be closer than we are Another longing to be near you — These unsettling nights—hold me still I watch for the moons light –Ignite The glow of my foot -steps to say i’ve followed this paving of the dayContinue reading “Adventure of a lifetime”

This square

Over do is a feeling of being done A repeating of a once upon “this time” ; made to be a believing– Of a recycle of change, within the same behavior All of those that oppose to the claim This doing— Over due, is done A left-off, without acknowledging the world that you’re from “ToContinue reading “This square”

Spoken talent shows

All this talent within its shows A master of its Puppet –tears as it flows This blood of mine No faces made to remind This build–i climb I am–made to believe As if–the maker is of Time And so i mime This place opened to Face these faces with , find–as commercials deceased A temporaryContinue reading “Spoken talent shows”

ANY-body; able

This mental crime, being dead-live It’ll be called, by me, being alive A question tones clash to exist in Let’s stall–a view Pinned to join with out a furthering to-do Let it be called a listing Aspired by a vibe once transposed by desire Oh yes, this fire–i call, red flame “Breathe on me”, onceContinue reading “ANY-body; able”


Poetry is the most beautiful form of art that i’ll claim. Being an artist there are many lanes to claim. So much beauty in what the “I” will refuse to see. I appreciate all the forms and forums that gifted me. This therapy, journaling tragedy with intention to create tones that speak creatively. So muchContinue reading “Notes”


Can you look at yourself in the mirror after? A question asked of –from this place; so much vegence to take its face Afterwards –the thrill , seeking to hound, destruct, and kill —whatever it was at threat This answer to a questionable story i have yet met A looking at self awhile these manyContinue reading “Unsettled”

Homeless Theories (embitterment)

I write less– Never really having the energy–being exhausted by panic attacks — That’s what i spend this useless time on — Drawing blanks to conclusions–as all of those thoughts sit with panic while jumping to conclusions — I sit on the ground–this bum of mine Sometimes i lay in the exhaustion, hoping to rememberContinue reading “Homeless Theories (embitterment)”

Interpretations mistaken (tty-l)

I walked into a maze a day–overhearing the need of a fixing Thinking of a plate–to my mistake It was all the attitudes at stake ; The chill grew as i walked deeper in Looking around at nothing new However there was a chapter to begin– this fixing –Again; looking for the plate this naturalContinue reading “Interpretations mistaken (tty-l)”

Domestic abuse

Betrayl is fascinating more than not portrayl —-having a way with, mines A study of–detection to Black mail —– So many lives lost in the lies of identities that disguise as faceted faces , baptised … And being a being of;being the victim of– every crime one would hide behind denial to a way thatContinue reading “Domestic abuse”

Queer I? (Lol;y?)

Can i just say something? I speak as if a text isnt my way to express As if the way i word my image wont get a different percept—can i have your attention There is no need to intimidate–nor a need to deflect Please accept—these flaws you call mine, yet you take them as aContinue reading “Queer I? (Lol;y?)”

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