Havent you scene, this before

And— As much as i know–(no)–i don’t know The shared feeling of being wanted For what purpose? BE-cause, on my end it’s not for nothing however, these things come from something All the extension –maybe i should say, to the extent of “What could i do you for?” –an answer that goes unmentioned and SO–Continue reading “Havent you scene, this before”

aye, Distilling Chill.

Today i heard a swallowed cry These tears muffled what held its pride I weighed this time This scale of mine–this prime; its something This one thing I usually don’t have it–this magic Lets call it “pass– this”–(passion)– This lisp This showing of teeth, follow my gist This knowing–the truth–this rowing I repeat-a leading inContinue reading “aye, Distilling Chill.”


And as i sit here, just to stay on the same page This deficit A dearly beloved, gone and forgotten All because “i cant remember”—SHIT but as the excuse is–i don’t know –i just… woke up like —this ,this numb–this dumb This high that lowed to a grounding point A sliding, from a coast ReachingContinue reading “Hover”

Stripes & Stars (ring the alarm)

I am, so unenthused by this ignorance A breath that leaves me– Confused And so i choose, to do- so- as i will These habits i laid for self– each hand that i –played for, self –As I am and/so –I will This foot of bill; a force feeding– disgusted by the site as iContinue reading “Stripes & Stars (ring the alarm)”

Pass–that shit.

Can you imagine being told that you need people alike in your circle & then Imagine being in a city full of lies All these lows and beholds Standing against odds that borrow , these? borroughs – borrowed All you succumb–in hopes of keeping a “you” from It’s potential —Where you stand,” this ” potentialContinue reading “Pass–that shit.”

Vow to a “name”

I feel like im in a battle of testosterone So in—timid Within this head of mine-astray within this space All because opinions that state A must to be “scared” A caring to have a waste So they give stares as they take Each piece of this heart of mine I wont mention of its breaks;Continue reading “Vow to a “name””

Count T (a following) hacker/track-Er

A babies essex deleted existance to mankind ignorance chased to replace The lies that a human create All because “I am”–of Darwin in this thoery So instead it graved in its fury All to humiliate–making a better reason to create Its “man”–kind, and so clever; How–ever; –so– instead it placed a blame on this letterContinue reading “Count T (a following) hacker/track-Er”


Blotches puff from my legs Whats in them Couldnt be muscle Skin fiber and mesh Rubbish to guess What is it I wouldnt a clue These blotches that puff from me, to you Let it blow in smoke –Mitchell.Tie

Bleeding Sky

The sky fell And when it did So i did This ignorant cognition A story I replace Each blow of this ground Th–domestic abuse that I face Each so innocent As i kid–hidden in piece This peace now miss in, Ms. In a case if you didnt catch it That was MS end The DefContinue reading “Bleeding Sky”

“I ain’t You slim”–truth he fold

The created imagry of doubt presumes this time Presumes As i would assume, this joke of mine Created by a web These thoughts of mind A hacking of–“pretend its dad” –its dead This face that i replace Garnishing the room, acts sent to escape This pan of a plan Because what would you do as—manContinue reading ““I ain’t You slim”–truth he fold”

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