Flashing lights

Ain’t vou the same as I, am So entitled to The daily dread Of course, this me again–at whatever it is that I, don’t (So do) This, absent mind of the essence compliments to the depth that is the only way of its progression (ways to this script) better yet a page I’d take moreContinue reading “Flashing lights”


Just tell the truth about yourself, I said The life you portray will never amount or stay Believing it until it becomes, real The saying is surreal–taking the chance to make it happen That’s action I’ll repeat, tell the truth about yourself What would Jesus do, only gets you through the new testament… And thenContinue reading “What’s–fa(me)?”


So dearly IPlaced myself within this haste , lie The given, could it be the expression I used to face, (sigh) The daily dread of denial A constant “it’s not you, it’s me” to trial ; revolving in all the “fuck it’s ” to name Triggered by the blow of blame these little tides ,Continue reading “Captcha”


“you’re so fake”–(fuck), I say in repeat of all the nays that ever said a thing –this to me, never meaning “so give it meaning”, as it is addressed to smear “faux, a favorite word, now wear”, (fuck) –this made up , a face of fad , full of cosmetic schemes “all I can comprehendContinue reading ““Fau-k””

At a Fling

— a sling This constant pulling of me, Encouraged not to hold back –pulling at a way with me; Await I stuy, buried beneath the ups that once were high Glaring again at this once over, “yeah I was there” Passing tense , I’m here —caring about this sling; Appetizing that sting–murmurs from a drunkenContinue reading “At a Fling”

Saddle up

Encourage the writer within to fill the energy that once felt what was meant to pen All of this advice with need to advise this dulling Foresee , a new begin Those abstract day dreams , the colorful bows that lit the night through there mares Yeah that scare, Losing your feet ,feeling nothing butContinue reading “Saddle up”

Letter to addiction (ex)

“Write a letter to your addiction, goodbye.” Sorry it didn’t work out for you as well as you thought it would, for me. I’ve sailed through eternities, just you or I. Of course I could never tell,so high. These fumes of us are now, much dull than ever , lasting less in time. I nowContinue reading “Letter to addiction (ex)”


Don’t cling to me as if I’m projecting a better version that could never be This meant to be , I lack the getting of, I’ll see. A knowing as said with thrust of lisp is displayed, not played. Speaking within this writing for myself, I don’t play–the game. A face scene by plenty, knowingContinue reading “Blend”

Olde, latin.

Understanding is not as empathy stands in a mean I don’t need the feeling of , an understanding ; the mind behind the use of words that leads in power, Love, sorry. Trailing to blind and leave behind, this empathy. Gripping , that was for me–this feel Ranging the silence of sympathy– Freighting for, youContinue reading “Olde, latin.”


you win it, you lose it, you get it back again, you risk it, you save it, and so on till its end; to want it, to seek it, is first to understand, to have it, to hold it, risks losing it again; don’t worry, don’t waste it, enjoy its here and now, and cherish,Continue reading “everything”

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