Dare to see these words the same way you dare to see the acts that play Leaving the emotion of, how does it feel Nevertheless, what does it say — A mind trick to remind you Perspective and perception can be led by the same way — So this hand you take will make ofContinue reading “Rhetoric”

This bottled–message

So many ways to express this Fire A passion that chills me Complimenting a taste so distilled —- and atlast No need to part my tongue of this —mmm— What a thrill –so bold I’d mention, this taste; A certainty–certainly, I will face -this , bottle– Noted to make it last As i pour theseContinue reading “This bottled–message”


She asked, what did she do wrong remember those 3prunge Calculations–of method, man Only people of pers—-è –could be accepted; A tale of the neglected …. “I’ll guest as Annie makes due; with, what was left–it.” —oh yes this orphan’s a mime, The one you’d wish to in time– This mused to paint Rained awayContinue reading “Algaebrat”

Floor (this coi)–k

This is the part that i love the most the pretension of a massive parade All the hype from this, mask you raid What is it to be a disgrace to pride Ill let the country decide being so in common to the foreign you claim Begging for the horns to chatter as the tensionContinue reading “Floor (this coi)–k”

Uhhh…pathological (?)

Never surprised by the baffle of the I’s a leading of its way with lies ; These unpresented encounters always mentioned but never there to frame Yet so many compliments to blame ; Un-acknowledging this way A—living in life ; Accountability never became present— to “what’s ‘is name?” Mitchell, Tierra (ae)

I just, had to.

A gesture to remind how ignorant they are; I created this sign, “Vegan”(ie Photos mirror to prop; i refuse to edit its authenticy to “crop”). Not as a “Trend”, or to “Fit” with “them”—-have you seen “me”. I’m actually allergic to animals & its byproducts, THAT’S called, Vegan. All my tattoos are Real (lol) Mitchell,Continue reading “I just, had to.”

About me (intolerant)–this obsessive abuse

Please don’t dip your animal paws in my (In this instance) Potato chips Making yourself feel, more “at home” I guess it was to, calm your nervousness it’s funny that i’m also allergic to this –& now my stomach balls, as the excuses of your lies call–again acting to be on a day with? DefinitelyContinue reading “About me (intolerant)–this obsessive abuse”

Blended bunch

No need— unaligned with proceeds these—– self expressions … explaining the wayward days seamless nights –advising through this haze … So lazy, i’d guess —the feeling of , code Red as the smog of blood fills my lungs to pronounce a theme of, All dead –these dreams Summoning the awake–gasping out of this zone anotherContinue reading “Blended bunch”


Misery so in love with its company Never knowing who it was that reflected this self Full of blame; i’ll guess , because of me ; I sit without guilt or shame As the envious stares from those eyes, never meant a thing To me —take a chance at getting this life back the sameContinue reading “Pussy”


it takes everything i have to pretend i give a damn, but i’m doing it for you, that’s the kind of guy i am; i’m engaging, like i care, like it matters some to me, like i truly get your point, and i fervently agree; i’m applauding who you are, saying all you want toContinue reading “pretending”

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