” The fullness of the moon’s light stares back at me Admiring in view Comparing the two It and I –See no difference except the sky Bound by gravity is me However, we shared the moment taken by the night to see Being scene–not by choice Its light is a voice Screaming to be heardContinue reading “Moonlight”

Waving w/ Tides

Emotions ran like cool waters touch on a summer day Breathing in the warmth of the wind Exhaling negativity within Being mindful of the shedding of my skin , Embracing the light that shined as the sun rised Creating another positive to friend Keeping a close eye on the tide that waved As emotion ranContinue reading “Waving w/ Tides”


Change is said to be inevitable As oxymoronic as it seems To hold on to a point in our dreams Where Change is said to be inevitable As redundant as it is to repeat We tend to forget how often it is as unique   embracing the inevitable- “Sometimes your whole is broken down intoContinue reading “Change”

Look– Gazing

A look into ones eyes Their soul reaching for yours accepting the connection Intertwined minds meet a reflection. A feeling ; A look into ones eyes Not just A feeling– a lingering Beyond emotion A vibe worth sealing; A look into ones eyes A feeling– Their spirit reaching for stars High frequencies– Wave As eyesContinue reading “Look– Gazing”

Still Mind

Silence stilled the room as he emptied out his deepest tears Mind blown of what occurred so much time gone by yet still internally deterred It’s been years since the blows. The evil wind chimed as each phase blew through his mind Desperately he washed away his fears and arose; this time– This chime phasedContinue reading “Still Mind”

Still Love

“ No one wants to be broken Separated from their heart being open No one wants to be alone Needing a place to call home No one wants to give their all To someone who may never fall “ Everyone wants to secure themselves of a heartbreak that may never occur. We make excuses inContinue reading “Still Love”

Rock Bottom

” I hit rock bottom –Again This time –falling fast as I grasped For the edges that broke free of me Never feeling this low in the past- Presently, Ditched in the pits Darkness screams from the one that has fallen Coming up short yet, feet all in Too prideful to claim defeat I closeContinue reading “Rock Bottom”


Awake hoping to free my mind of this fiction; I’ve created a mess I’m in this story jumping To a conclusion from a guess What’s the worst case Scenarios to face Mind going miles per minute As egos enjoy the chase “Putting myself at blame As my mind shifts Again i’m jumping Ahead and behindContinue reading “Looper”

Willow Bed

“Lying still in a bed of flowers Notions of subtle pedals floating in the wind As the shade relieves The leaves fallen from trees Wishing to press Against the sun Once more– A kiss one would adore As seasons change The futures hard to ignore” Have you ever told yourself that you were ok withContinue reading “Willow Bed”

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