love me

And I’m reminded , constantly of the time— out of my mind, for a sense of love; daring affection that lacked a –connection A misdirection –an order to build width of a foundation that would help a “you” more than a then me; infidelities that held eyes and led lives of the lies that weContinue reading “love me”

sun set

The sun made its way to shine Its rays lit up my eyes letting me know it’ll all be-okay Full in its appearance, it made it its business to stay blaring boldly not letting me from its sight Or it from mine I couldn’t figure it out but the timing felt right & although IContinue reading “sun set”

Realm’s Image

You’re crazy they said as she looked in a mirror A reflection of voices she’s heard she saw beauty in a mind of vision creativity in site what they told her to be wrong intuitively felt right she freed herself in the image one used to define a piece of her Giving her peace toContinue reading “Realm’s Image”

what?s love

Love what have you done to me? You’ve matured me in areas that left me grey facing a new day in hopes filled with wishes for you to come around again just like a boomerang and sprang my goodbyes into hello’s from your sweet halo a touch only an angel can bring I’ve tasted theContinue reading “what?s love”

To love alone

Unsettled in our own company we makethe marks and mistakes ofsettling for love -or a lack thereof;Feelings of alone makes us groan–reaching for hearts & persons to call our ownwhen really we’re better left-home;In an inner sanctuarywhere our hearts lie-a leaving to ourselves as our hearts untie with internal struggles that detriment our healthunknown toContinue reading “To love alone”

“Their” pane

Standing outside a window Taking a look in finding a whirlwind hues of the iridescent piqued creativity in the eyes that seek cornered a broom, sweeping from the other side of the room as the blinds fell from the minds that left their hearts in a cell; “You can look in at someone and seeContinue reading ““Their” pane”

a writer’s block

needing to express in reflection she looked forward with no direction withholding feelings within Not knowing where to start or to begin Equipped with a pen she read to summon feelings on pages, while Boeing through phases trying again she repeats writing words so misfiting to these sheets she felt with a style that breathedContinue reading “a writer’s block”

cliff note (hanging)

Being lost for words I found myself Not able to write As easy as it is for me usually To piece to mind subtle words and cliche rhymes I’m stuck- yet again; Another rut I’m facing replacing a flow with a blank As I sank deep into thoughts of, nothing searching a feel -for something,Continue reading “cliff note (hanging)”


you ever get tired of the same ole bullshit Like the same song whining as a reminding, of how love sucks With no teaching but a reaching For you too to sulk and feel a reminding No matter how far your progress A feeling of digress The illusions made of intrusions to mind clouding yourContinue reading “Bullsh*t”

A Written Wonder

To whom it does concern, I always think of you, night and day Even if just for a while subtle thoughts that make me smile, (not just smirk,) I wonder what you think of me, (especially the times when I was a jerk;) Truly; I’ve seen many smiles on you as a reflection But withContinue reading “A Written Wonder”

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