Does it.

When you’re everything Let’s call it—nothing; Amount as if this difference is what made you. “all of these constant range of emos, defying pieces that make up of , what ever the universe is subject to. The fine line I keep drawing, chalking away at me——present ; past. Seen”. —-Mitchell, Tierra ae

Nom nom, um

Let me — It’ll never make sense This bliss–te amo ; “oblivion loss long ago hunny, subpar; Choi*” Mitchell, Tierra ae

Guess who’s coming to dinner

I just want the female that stalks my Gmail account to be right for once in my life; Tell my wife something she needs to know Like , (stfu and ask for yourself) Maybe then my domestic violence rapport would make more sense to us all —-so who is actually stalking me at this point?Continue reading “Guess who’s coming to dinner”

the truth of fairy tales

Proclaims that there is more to a fairytale than bullshit butterflies, I feel challenged. some dismiss the fairy tale, insisting its promise, the happily ever after, is simply unattainable; we can do no more, they say, then chase and capture moments, briefly holding perfection or our dreamlike version of it; glimpsing what is mythical love,Continue reading “the truth of fairy tales”

It twas what it twas. (I’m)

And now I feel like this is a constant rant As if I should be posting for All of this bias commotion in root for “Acronyms that allowed me to find myself” —communities that I don’t deal with (lgtbq) I should’ve said communities that don’t deal with me(lgtbq), as an indigenous person (born male,Continue reading “It twas what it twas. (I’m)”


After all the confusion I hear chairs that steer, stare; lone into the continuous delusion—“be gay”. As if happy meant homosexual. I , myself am not attracted to a female silently waiting to fuck me as if I’m homo. Been there , done that; after all isn’t that the lie that got me within thisContinue reading “CoID”

aPosture fee*

Being myself is much more complex than anyone wants to understand ; I could sit here all day and sway All to be looked at as indifferent So mockingly different —-what is it that you are looking for Common these questions are Boring me Such humility, tense Am I of own with these feelings ;Continue reading “aPosture fee*”

Wall-T (flowered)

The aloneness of this free spirit Looming along the lines Which set to subside, Meeting again with which , tide Hinting at a name so familiar This was the wayward of which, that I So broken from, a knock to be broke in –suggesting this , these moments be of the kind , those thatContinue reading “Wall-T (flowered)”

Fib -bing

Lying much to this self I’d place me here to walk in a way Again all of those opposing directors –slighting at this way These eerrred—sounding of tires that tired a halting to my words — Getting to this page So familiar this sounding out Describing the scribe of exactly I —wait let me thenContinue reading “Fib -bing”

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