Blasé (reputal abuse)

“I dare you Open again these doors that bare a view think of it as a new way–of life, to you” — A new day? A better , tomorrow–with so much wrong with today? — “Think of it as you wish, or as you may” — you mean this, (excuse) fairy tale–telling all but whatContinue reading “Blasé (reputal abuse)”

A salad falafel; (solid fair well)

Soon as i decide to come back outside it hit me–again Here i am so allergic to this dear old trend so up–setting “this nestling in” –my stomach turns; as lessons to learn -Don’t ever do it again.- Mitchell, Tierra (ae) That’s not me btw, 😆.

Digression (talks w/self)

I see so much of this..poetry A look within , what is this –self of Expressing blurred lines All of those i dont agree with these complaints Written from within to compliance with —all that is reliant—– Taints—-these reems of mine advising myself a need to elavate in order to define What holds of thisContinue reading “Digression (talks w/self)”

I dont create time for bullshit

To be honest Mentally, i don’t have it Physically, i could just grab it BUT— “i don’t” it’s not worth as far much as i thought So you can have it —- These childish phrases played in my mind as i stayed — still ;within this stage. Watching the rats run around eating crumbs outContinue reading “I dont create time for bullshit”

a Pardon to lack—thereuhhhv

Uneasy, this feeling (I’ll overstate this since i lack) So much compassion And then there is me (What do i do with these) — Again; confused Refraining from use–a being of being used a light hit of it upbringing abuse — Oh, this worry ….making it a master of –having its wayward daze with meContinue reading “a Pardon to lack—thereuhhhv”

Obsessed with polyscience & biohazards?

Let’s talk about, weird: I woke up so confused Yet again there goes missing Pieces of hair from my chin Was it the DNA master of disguise (again?) Eyes swollen as i take a look over my shoulder I guess they let the dogs in (again) This invaded community Obsessed with this placing of timeContinue reading “Obsessed with polyscience & biohazards?”

Hear me say

Yes, i felt the passion The need to need for you As a way to not impose as an option But a way to say of –“be true” A read i need you to see, for yourself As i have said this too Through the fine rays or endless daze whatever it is we callContinue reading “Hear me say”

Chess, not CHECKERS;right?

“When you make of something without others, you become nothing.” I quote me as i make of sense, this sentence. Constant approaches from those of past tenses. Adieu; as i away with these frames, all hosting of mind games. I leave nothing of me behind except, flames I guess you were expecting “a prayer” toContinue reading “Chess, not CHECKERS;right?”

These roses

Making so many dry references to love, Who could she be first, she was me; —- Have you ever–blindly pitched a fork within Jotting your passions, just then– “Me too” — So many–these references made of a my-space Hiding her–or my face — This leading from me–this reading A learning to love as she hadContinue reading “These roses”

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