Have I ever..

I ran up this mountain once Maybe a few times before–not sure but this once is recent enough to cross my mind The adventure of a nothing –Just doing , thrilling Excitement to see what is up there Enjoying the steep of hill that challenged the step Appreciating its depth No matter having done onceContinue reading “Have I ever..”

Fuck the Dems

So it’s covid22 , I’m certainly sure When will they all get over it All the confrontation that leads to more, devastation , overing this over it I’ve been —pledging the allegiance as Democrats unruly rule nothing but to brag of a wind What is it that this has been An honest tea spilling theContinue reading “Fuck the Dems”

Just trauma (Le dramatize)

And so I could lie and apologize for all of the days I’d let alone Silently drifting away dealing with the days dreaming in these plays —as I wished a “shut the fuck up” would have taken me away ; I repeat again with tired eyes as I am tired of the many I’s writtenContinue reading “Just trauma (Le dramatize)”

Last song.

So many whispers killed an unborn spirit Who am I here Answered the question A one that stood in the way of its progression Projecting it an already being —believed to ; not another, this again Sickening these threats that swept –of us — So sung this mellow tone Sane tune with an atlast breathContinue reading “Last song.”

Believe me.

I’m expecting—exciting Courageously leading to be All that was made gifting of From us to me — a little more deafening than the words meaning nothing but this sign of me again to get it done. This hand lands to fill the eyes standing in line for the same place within the next place CreatedContinue reading “Believe me.”

Progress report–

I’ve masculinized a million times only for the same result—still starting back to square with 1; Birthed indigenous male ; abducted and extorted being hidden by lies that read female. Addicted to the food that was fed to me, estrogen. Memories , all faded away; who am I? A lost one, child in a riddenContinue reading “Progress report–”

Just something

I’ve written the same poem a million times All of the words meaning nothing but of its kind Addressed to an insane mind Posed to frame this mine Continuing the same ….story I write to plane Each for site is just the same —-a needing to adjust for me—no less than but far more thanContinue reading “Just something”

.MOV (reel)

Finding the perfect words to write out a Mystery A short story told a million times throughout My history —notions of the same rap song With tag lines and hooks to sing along A maybe I’d be Better off at doing adlibs and hooks with out a —id rather tune in to see Daily sentimentsContinue reading “.MOV (reel)”

Blank thoughts

And this is the part where I depart These secret lies Reeling away with these Theories of this scary relationship An always wanting to be the her for Me Then questioning why Again in disbelief of Who am I These words never leaving from You or The I seen within me Those secrets just reliveContinue reading “Blank thoughts”

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