Not Vee again

So what I’ll do is inspect your food-infect your food then smile in your face as a need to replace a chew It’s you A personal gain-you’re now no longer needed So off to sustain A lie Fixated to know “Tie” A knot to remain- A product of my environment -so maintain this “ highContinue reading “Not Vee again”

web of li(v)es

Caught within a web of lies and-so-what I’ve tried The suspense of it being more than, what(?) meets the eye So..while you’re waiting, debating For nothing to happen as a chain of reaction , “..So miss”—understood Distraction— A cap with a bill , Feel free to foot if you will-move alone,”along?” —past and just, FeelContinue reading “web of li(v)es”

The Drop of a “ Dime “

“You don’t need him- as anything —don’t do this again— To yourself—- You got me if you need it— But— Help” Have you ever? I haven’t, maybe in another – way? But I’ll have to say Clever is those that study at bay isn’t it funny, it’s just known when you’re at your lowest— SelfContinue reading “The Drop of a “ Dime “”


No music to tune out the sounds Echoes of no one around When it’s thought that you’re finally alone They reach to take throne An invasion of peace To private is what keeps a sake—for thee As adjust to feast Advantage, I’ll call it A number for the lack of, better wording cutting within someContinue reading “Inaudible”


Passions get killed everyday from the ridden To stay hidden away In fear that it’ll become , a unique one How dare you be any more, fun It is I The one who is the moon , the stars, the light & the sun So holy This matrimony “Ill give a testimony”—too phony —too farContinue reading “IDGAF”

These heels?

Know your woman by her sway The way She walks As if the wind drifts her away Affirming the sound with clicks as her heels pound —that pulse; a beating of your heart- echoes like no one else is around Know her sighs The meaning of her stares when you look into her eyes TheContinue reading “These heels?”


This love thing It always comes so easy ; words are spoken that feelings leave behind as a meaning, unwinding—sometimes due to bad timing. This love thing can be tricky as we all are human and need to feel—a longing for, something; leaves room for vulnerability, and sometimes, more oftentimes that gets taken advantage ofContinue reading “Subjective”


I most certainly am a mess Not so well kept—to dress This nightmare face of mine hasn’t slept So I snooze On the liking kind that I’d have to choose As if the choice is mine, Concurrent; This upstage was a phase maybe I should do “something” because it helps “you” “Yeah, and me too”—Continue reading “Unt-Marbles?”

Soap dish

Sometimes I shut down Refusing to write My head In this mess of life After all I’ve done I would still run “In attempt to hide from?” The question that most irritated my passion With an answer of none Vowing to stick to my guns—crashing Still following my head in every which way it facedContinue reading “Soap dish”

In Har-mon

Harmonize with me I’ll hum tunes that only bodies the love languages -speak “Is it the Axis or the why’s?” Simplifying equations —more or less situations Evaluations to pii ; calculating -American dreaming while denotes To receipt, formulations —- repeat— “ Because I need to see it again “, In this time with each stepContinue reading “In Har-mon”

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