In Har-mon

Harmonize with me I’ll hum tunes that only bodies the love languages -speak “Is it the Axis or the why’s?” Simplifying equations —more or less situations Evaluations to pii ; calculating -American dreaming while denotes To receipt, formulations —- repeat— “ Because I need to see it again “, In this time with each stepContinue reading “In Har-mon”

Song cry

Words are the most popular form of communication Awhile we sit awaiting—for these, words In Moments that speak from the tongue ; Time, they call it, a word used to define ,this meaning, I’ve spun As, hearts beat to Deaf waiting for a sound in rhythm ; Each to every pound As representation, I’ll callContinue reading “Song cry”

“Hells our”

Will I do the obvious of hours that leads a life of leaning towers Splitting grounds that were of standing pounds Lives with hidden in the running with the astound and sub-mitten I’d mean—smitten —to suggest these words for romance without verbs to process These thoughts of mine that sighs with grime -“no I’m kidding”Continue reading ““Hells our””


Ajoke A funny -how?—-, “lastname” In thinking of this poetry flame lit its wax to lead me to its, cane? So much shit , labeled by “tock-sick”— -ov—‘er shit I cannot Maine to tame ; “So how longs?” —“a knnor-more-than”—- —“no you —-WRONG” a clue, less rid-“ dells “ Requested but what had been man—-if—that’sContinue reading “Ajoke”


I’d be again funded from my stain A mark to be strained I guess that should’ve been my name It’s your—-face One that can’t be replaced By the lies that hold tithes from beneath the sees in needs of “byes” to replace the I’s faced —“I’m sorry”—-I know but—“—I’m late” A memory receding a liningContinue reading “Re/fun”

Moonslit path

Sitting on this hour ;glass Smoke pears my pulse as the moonlight glows across the page I’d wrote—it’s -“Me again”? , chosen reply Should I? If I-could tell you all the reasons—“why?” Do I?—-get these vibes that I’m wading through —-“these ties?” So ordinary in my defense All the way it was a sense ofContinue reading “Moonslit path”

So reluctant

Why now claim-or come for a title that I couldn’t afford It’s a level of the miss-in being matured I barrier a ring around this sense of self esteem I pence; To pounce until it’s dense —So silent -why? A heavy harp to tune this lighting of scandal This “ mantle “ , piece— Everything;Continue reading “So reluctant”

A ton

The pair are noid A void that bore this tidal I refuse to title My age to each Letter on their page of Romans The numbers that tally my peace Let me rest as I speak—from behind As I blind with a behind whatever I face— Oh this case? The one that I spin AContinue reading “A ton”


I have one-too Why yes that you do So forgetful these little things They sit upon us So many of these, wings As a request from a dream That’s fallen in place As present as you are , so a bow is what you face In prescript—a script to have a way A letting goContinue reading “Dawt”

Sensual bliss

The mistakes of thinking lust Would change my mind and win —again , my trust “Since I’m shy(sha)”; Funding these thoughts of mind A jogging to rhyme -a memory , FINE As I bank on the scenes of many Of these obscene “this shit ain’t all that it seems” — I’m just tired of “it’sContinue reading “Sensual bliss”

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