Sun lit to flower

In decision After a day of filling myself A day with everything I needed feeling too full of it A release from the bullshit, to myself I repeated This shit,I’m sick—I mean, yes I am —of it Maybe even above it But I could-not forget, who I was and what came of it So hateContinue reading “Sun lit to flower”

Neglect (w/all due respect)

Have I? Oh yes, I’ve written Maybe not here, in so long I mean hours in counting, could feel like days of neglect I guess that’s the means of getting clarity when you’re upset So many voices, in my head pulling me in, which— a way? Hard to understand when all the words repeat asContinue reading “Neglect (w/all due respect)”

flip, the Script

After a while all this shit sounds the same Every line and stanza full of pain I get tired of grieving maybe more so of reading to stay sane Okay, so maybe I’m lying just to give my poem a new name A new tone , a writing of a new wrong To cover theContinue reading “flip, the Script”

this time (chance)

So close but yet so far-fetched I thought I may have been on to something Maybe I was A bit of nothing occurred and that’s all that it was, apparently My feelings left me;feeling to believe that I again made an attempt, a willingness to succeed So I hadn’t given up, despite my past failuresContinue reading “this time (chance)”

What’s it like; To be “inside“?

Feeling inside This inside, a new place- to venture Although I’ve been here before I fled to see the obvious of things which I chose to ignore I’m here & now, ever present like never—before I Go on ; —with feeling inside;so many emotions to adapt when dealing away with pride leaving all jokes andContinue reading “What’s it like; To be “inside“?”

stripes ///x out

Don’t—wait Until I’m not there anymore to care A so used to—amused to, me -always being there A go-to, rebound as they say The one who picks you from that fall, remember, the one when you fell so hard, a seeing as you lay —your foot to rest upon my neck A cause for meContinue reading “stripes ///x out”


My head is pounding —can’t even process to process these feelings, I’ve processed I’ve felt this before and it’s too hard to ignore —this feeling As emo as I am I can’t seem to —-this feeling, grasp What exactly it is, or what I am of it —too much to express this boulder that weldsContinue reading “Pained”

I blanked

“Look up” A holding of head in meaning to prevent a duck In other words, keep your chin up or you’ll be dead If you believe Too scared or too courageous for the chance to breathe An uncertainty filled the air of the room And as I looked up I saw the sight of theContinue reading “I blanked”

Isn’t it

A funny thing I mean—-how I was never good enough for the one, that one, those things Yet they wanted to possess all of the qualities that I bring Of those, which I carry So they carried, All of the flaws and skeletons of my past that I’ve buried— A ghost appearing when alive IContinue reading “Isn’t it”

What Lies beneath

A seen pain within a wound A question asked about its past A story that held the inquisition on the depth of its path An answer to touch up, brush up; polish a rust A head tilted in surprise at the eyes that they’d touched To relive again, such pain A spirit within me shookContinue reading “What Lies beneath”

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