Best kept

Why is that? when I’m not looking I always find you Always in a way that catches me, standing Maybe even sitting, just staring; A gaze that holds to grasp the words that won’t seem to come to pass, “Is it really you?” , too stuck to ask And as the moments past, I can’tContinue reading “Best kept”

“You’re on your own”—“I’m not alone”

“Even when you have nothing, have faith” Runs through my mind as humility reeks from this take I’ve severed so many ties in these tries, knowing none of them would be mistakes The lies—-It’s “water under a bridge” —“Don’t burn your bridges”— Words of advice that I’d never take, Truth is, that’s too fake; “PeopleContinue reading ““You’re on your own”—“I’m not alone””

Live your li(e)

A waste; a time A living, a making A living I’m making, my own— Pacing with time The ultimate goal of envy Feeling upon the surface when the root is within me Too tired to stress, this point; I’ve tried Again & again, knowing I put my best— Bet—is to be one, you know—one ofContinue reading “Live your li(e)”

Dead end

A snap-back to think I mean really, think You are all that you have had So don’t allow yourself to grab-onto feelings; ones that dwell in the past I mean, a so long hurts but for so long But after all, this is what you guard from This is what you keep out because theseContinue reading “Dead end”

Idk my bff Jill?

It’s getting harder to believe what isn’t physical. I yearn and reach for things but they aren’t there; so what is it? A mental game fixated to play in an order to have a way ? I’ll say. This isn’t what brings life to the satisfaction of day. I once made a promise to seizeContinue reading “Idk my bff Jill?”

Wheel of fortune

Starving as an artist I shed the lining left As I embed the words caged Within my rib cage, to each page Here I stand Shutting out, shutting down A fearless being with no one around Release me from this cage Now tired from standing so I’ll sit within rage And so I’ve said…. ThisContinue reading “Wheel of fortune”

Basic (Bae Sick)

So many words I’ve written; in a way still leaving myself hidden To be told—I mean truth be told I reveal to conceal the depths leading to mine eyes You know, the ones I can seal —“a needing to heal” They knew it all along they say, —wrong; And truthfully “they” need to leave meContinue reading “Basic (Bae Sick)”


I don’t want my feelings caught up in something that only gives a conditional fuck I’m too broken to stay open for a longing—-for accusations that i choose to do a wronging; Yet I can’t accuse So what is a win if the best part of me constantly lose? What is love if you can’tContinue reading “Stuck-Stupid”


Sick of the bullshit— All the excuses used to prove it, yet I’m the nuisance Trying to be in a secure state of mind only to find I’m only running to be lost A seeking to never find What truly is to be held within the eyes that dwell These tears I’ve held for yearsContinue reading “Non/sense”

Child’s play too

One thing be of mind I don’t compete with a childish mind As they walk and creep at nights steep I sit blind No peace to heart and no Evers to mind It’s almost as if The miserables want you to be just as miserable as it gets As you sleep, they creep Going throughContinue reading “Child’s play too”

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