A Waking of It

Picture this Vivid imagination Creating a future to be the way An (always) made to comfort with the day A promise to compromise with Creative with this happiness — Less shared in protection Of this place This peace I make of me– A make of this vivid imagination For a better Promise– A vaulting madeContinue reading “A Waking of It”

This sea.

Now is it something Isnt it To be inspired by your demise These eyes laid on me by surpise This darkness at sea Refusing to let me go An unwillingness to be, of its own As my crown struck of bones All these lethal sins Pitching in to fork–a once comforting state Of mine AContinue reading “This sea.”

Powered by 99

So –many things come easy As i have “loss touch” with this A reality that replays This broke in record Those songs playing me, psalms Over and over, religiously I ponder Absent of –what ever this is So forth of self as a lack of substance, this spiritual How could i ever recorrelate–in to(2) ThisContinue reading “Powered by 99”

“No-its-me” notice me

Sickening the mind Portraying a weakness One i wouldnt be able to think of As a “joke” One to be burried away with Still loosening this releasing of minds All of which i do not find to speak Having a way with words Its so easy to disguise this–in me Green eyes cried as theyContinue reading ““No-its-me” notice me”

TO-Do “THIS”; list.

“Ok so , lets say this…” For the sake of getting carried away with This baggage claim; No tag needed for name A carryon that has discontinued at this Spot A needing to redeem; let’s say All these burdens that gotten a way They have got in the way With the “today”; Creators of time,Continue reading “TO-Do “THIS”; list.”


So common, How much there is always shared with this in-common A liking of, shared interest These things increased by volume As an increase to its value Compared to—this material waste So common I too find a value in this, in common As a means to a must have-need Allowing of all proceeds ; HoweverContinue reading “Same”

You do not know-what to do

This(what is it)<= I can do with it , as i may These blanks find words that express true lives that lie within the day No need—as in not a need to speak for me A way to sought out words defined for a seeking of , me My- a self explained prose Ones chosenContinue reading “You do not know-what to do”

Center with self

“Don’t create it” This insecure feeling that lingers. Normally I would question what those feelings were before as a stinger. With apologies in advance as it is the ‘being’ in me. Just wanting you to know, everything you stare at ain’t always what you –give it a chance to—See, see? Compassionate understanding awaits the responseContinue reading “Center with self”

This knee? (Disney)

A hungry one Is that what you see; all these pieces that lie-of me I guess that makes me , uh -glee A gay wrote this subtle How–ever; with the audacity to ret In this sublet–forum of mine Ridding away all of these mocked parts that make it so fond to sea The explorer inContinue reading “This knee? (Disney)”

I’d love me too–if i were “why–oh–you” (?)

“It’s your wife”– A recent coming to mind A wonder of how i can be so, blind I guess the thought was the past attraction These chain reactions As chemicals fade away in grime I lust for this –missed A dearly beloved; one i’d never get –so, far–Gone You see This mirror ; be itContinue reading “I’d love me too–if i were “why–oh–you” (?)”

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