With use–(this written purpose)

Used to–these norms All of the things that form for this day A forum for the days we make Inspired poetry, prose–shots of a double take What is the reason–within these seasons we mead through All within a need to–“these norms” So used to As a need to impose and breathe through One would sitContinue reading “With use–(this written purpose)”


Writing…away Someday i’ll get back to that For right now–i’ll dream A day within a life where i’ll sing These blues that make there way Hoping that all the words in my head sees the light of day —–and somehow “I cant even remember who i was, yesterday.“ Mitchell, Tierra (AE)

Ready to kill this bitch “&iquote”

Being stalked If you have ever been or suspect that you are No matter if its cyberstalked, or “real world predator stalking” you understand how aggravating it is–these said “friends”, “family” These said –things, all these spoken words , quoted, never said. All the familiar faces around you–taunting you These unwanted phone calls, never givingContinue reading “Ready to kill this bitch “&iquote””

I don’t

I really don’t feel like opening up to another— Blog As these–all make so much sense –now(?) –I’d write ; this way A seeing i’can’t think–of –with the–cogn(ective) company Forgoing signatures to find –this connection within my mind —-carbed copy; this fraudulance envy that cursed to “send” me –this way — I really don’t feelContinue reading “I don’t”

Get carried away

–dont undermine the strength To coincide–with this, said–alter ego –to the estate of; Your whole life flashing away before your eyes —-don’t undermine the strength This whole thing lived in—this world that they’ve called pride Just to have a way with, the strength A darkness embarking in the eyes of, to whom those silent criesContinue reading “Get carried away”

Chum Bucket

So many poems led on stories; all leading me to my true story The truth–i’ve been living in tainted misery This hell Being used as nothing more or less than a waste bucket All of this poision reeks from me; seeping through me As it had left me to an altar to rot away withContinue reading “Chum Bucket”

This–“a lie”(?)

Writing is a form of Whats the words that im thinking of Those All of those that submit here Needing a need to say more or less Here Unable to create a spectrum for you A needless to see These–those What are they that im thinking of Maybe A future? —never usually inquisition as iveContinue reading “This–“a lie”(?)”

Title it by this(?)

To be honest; i wouldnt know what to make of this This grounding point–i had took a way from it For it Draining the life of me all to maintain this joke i see But if im not, then whats the point– “And i quote…”, ?. Mitchell.Tierra (AE)

God aint Ugly

At this moment Ill sit within these emotions Drained to feel these emotions–i feel like No description I won’t assume –trying not to assume Barried by the precaution The unknown that left me in exhaustion This facade–depressing Leading me to an aggravation fed on by misery I stop to block its company So please ThisContinue reading “God aint Ugly”


All of the reasons why Those that dont make sense to–(think) Lets call it a coming to Realizing– everything once seen ain’t apart of the awake Led on by infiltration Curiosity sat with me –lying within this theory “You are what you make of me”– Now make of me Echoes filled the room as iContinue reading “Murred”

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