You’d be surprised by the —- Many mornings awaken to a new sunrise In an order to see a smile; even just for a little while To close the eyes again just to breathe in and begin… A new day Because in this life, this spirit mourning; there is no “new bae” —-in my imaginationContinue reading “Shine”

A long sigh

It’s these times when I want to reach out Just to be in touch with the real ones that I miss so much To have a whole life; a marriage, children and never getting to the fairy tale ending that I’ve created because my life has been nothing but strife of a lost touch AContinue reading “A long sigh”

A silent Twilight

So just moments before writing…maybe days A still mind within, still stuck in my ways I wanted to mention My daughter, my child Who came to me against her mother’s wishes for sweet moments of the while Just to , get to know ;her father Despite the lies that chased the look within her ownContinue reading “A silent Twilight”

🤡 or Cat -Shit?

“Are you?” An expression I can’t figure on face to face; a contact that someone always managed to come between and break, to distract. A task that one would make. If they knew what was hidden behind the mask a chance would take. ——pussybwoy rascal

Death (Wish) Sentence

Saying & doing is two different things Yes you’ve said it, but with being said; what action did you bring? A down to pact the mischievous being Or an act in order to attack to lower the self, esteem(?) “You said you would—-“ “Be a king.” —“you robbed me blind” A knowing of a kindContinue reading “Death (Wish) Sentence”

Hear-Say(Gossip folks)

“Here, say..” The power to convergence words with meanings unheard— “you mean coercion” One wouldn’t know of harm it was doing “It’ll be fun”.. “Oh is that right hun?!”—a sense of knowing everything & asking “so what?!—the meaning of the son?” In which then gossip tried to pry within its green eyes To scheme andContinue reading “Hear-Say(Gossip folks)”

Mid evil times

No longer interested in what it was or what it is Bottom line, every time; it’s the same ole shit Same excuses used to prove that a win is to lose And to be loved is to love, not infused I’m not anymore, manic than depressed as I rest my head Hoping that my fellowContinue reading “Mid evil times”


There are a bunch of things that I can’t forget to remember; remember?—the concussions; blow after blow…straight to the head The shots rang through my mind as my eyes turned red Blood shots, that’s what it’s called When they fall, You know the tears that fall on deaf ears Because after all-this time you’ve beenContinue reading “Spellcheck”

Signature ties

I am—no longer Than the depths that fill the blanks, the emptiness that speaks as my soul taints This darkness that hovers over me, a wishing to succumb and soon be one A presuming of the numb; It’s starting to bore, nonetheless; as I sat in a reflection A devious of minds in protection, beingContinue reading “Signature ties”

Best kept

Why is that? when I’m not looking I always find you Always in a way that catches me, standing Maybe even sitting, just staring; A gaze that holds to grasp the words that won’t seem to come to pass, “Is it really you?” , too stuck to ask And as the moments past, I can’tContinue reading “Best kept”

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