Special Olympix

…and as i end this set of– push ups I realize that im back, again(?) —-Where i’ve headed; this straight back has end –ed , right where i’ve began, again(?) A soul setting ..sole set–ling to trend its hot—topic A settling in — A need-less to stay, I need less to say–another set , AGAINContinue reading “Special Olympix”

Boasting to another way

And right now im floating– This water coast-sting, as my head roast –all these “thoughts”, As I timber ; A wandering of how we could , “remember”? I guess- maybe it would be better if it were, September, Another season to claim, another fall to remember As these leaves float away each peddling to stayContinue reading “Boasting to another way”


Id open my eyes in a dream Bedside, a scent that led me in between –What i longed for; This Embodied to which heightened my self esteem— mmm & oh how i’d dish “this being” of mine whispers chanting on, “claim it; it’s your TIME“ –Mitchell.Tie

Procrastinating the days of “when i will..” knowing i won’t And as long as this page stays I’ll count all of the reasons that makes of this haze Excuse this, Rereading each line back written, so many excuses To note-ad “I need to prove it” Writing it is a habit but without doing is justContinue reading

Showed time

A constant of rummaging through the facades (Description) It’s a maze—“a prescription?” I hadn’t in days–“i shouldnt” All of these “confessions”, or Statements of clarity And, I see A “where” oui–destination’s wrong The same old me , still Howling at this song I let it play back, again & again Knowing far less but understandingContinue reading “Showed time”

So yesterday

I’ve rampaged through the day in mellow rage (what were you doing?) -recalling of this stage So tired of this image— (What is it?) —tempting turns from this scrimmage –(“That cat shit”)– I’ve met with this –& before, –this now -I’d spoke of in slur har—bores (harbours?) ….Thinking– i’d meant to say, and spoke ofContinue reading “So yesterday”

Coffee’s Mug (deja who)

Lets call it, Deja Vu What if you knew–after taking a look –this threshold–into Your killers eyes A mesmerizing daze that held this Miraging gaze Like a mirror , “i am aged” Olde wounds speak as the souls perfume —these dead fumes; Renegades; Amesyth(I mist)- -Those, once- so-pretty brown eyes that held a distilled placeContinue reading “Coffee’s Mug (deja who)”

“Where is your wheels”?—😒what

No-mads-land is where you can find me Numb to the cite and blind to the feelings- beyond me I’ve dreamed-these nighs in days to be within or upon this stage “What if it’s just a –” maze/ sayings of not being phased Too mind a piece A wishing upon and mantle — How-yet i can’tContinue reading ““Where is your wheels”?—😒what”

Scrabble these-

I’m at a lost for words Now learning-relearning, “you don’t have to have a response for everything” and usually -i don’t; however, This commercial world has brought on -a being of me that’s far gone So used to the automations- These responses to the world as it turns around me—i repeat, “as it turns aroundContinue reading “Scrabble these-“

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