On guard

“You have nothing because you stand there arms folded , chest out Leaving everything hidden, within a lie To protect what came forth between the horace eye”, Is what they told me..but according to what life has showed me I have nothing because I stand here alone After trusting a life where they made itContinue reading “On guard”


Find a lot about me In this book that I’ve written So many secrets left hidden Even from me You see It’s a story held true ,within The lines that sit in Creating suspicion of the mind As the world believes that you’re perfect A print that reads, fine A binding left sitting on aContinue reading “Book’it”


I’ve claimed a search An escaping to be free From what it is But I am already the bird I wish to be Soaring my eyes In keeping, while looking, constantly seeking This internal piece missing The internal bliss; I’m soar- As sour as a bitter fruit Sweet within its root; Still hoping to find,Continue reading “Soar”


I can’t make this up These pages, this book This story leaves me shook —-“I can’t make this” “Not this shit—“ —-What?! The headline pressed against “Insanity presents” You’d have to see it to believe it “—Just my luck” This right here is some real BULLSHIT “I can’t make this up “ This life, thisContinue reading “Tf?”

A call

These faces I see; some what— Like mine; they say we’re all of the same kind I chose to receive this information at the cost Knowing it may lead to means of taking a loss —still standing, as I’m holding on to hope Hands gripping tight in pull of the rope Hearing the sounds thatContinue reading “A call”

How does it feel?

I’m here again Break—dancing on this cardboard Placed to floor Feeling each groove that the pave-meant I’ve bent… Again The shadows from the dawn creep As I again, repeat A step I’ve made The feelings have shaved me Balding as the eagle i’ve spread In the mist of it all These airy feelings of RiskingContinue reading “How does it feel?”


Ok so now, what gives? “A bare shit —it’s like I had to” one last excuse, I put it to use without question: It was me reflecting— “This mess…I made it on my own And now it lingers within —“ So go in peace; please release This “shit” that you’ve held for time It’s obviouslyContinue reading “WTF”


Everything has told me what I should Although I shouldn’t In a sense that meant I yet to have I was gonna, then made a promise that I wouldn’t Just then the going got tough For two sides that folded and read; Enough is enough It was for me then as it now: As reasonContinue reading “Muted”


Truth is I’ll never get an answer To the questions I ask That’s why I speak a silence that know hands would grasp The air from my lungs as soon as I question ; A leaving to guessing So again I ask in reply, Self, why? I answered remotely as if it fell from theContinue reading “?lueless”


Oh the nerve of you You stand there as if you’ve got it all Figured out Tuh..then why do you Lie, here Take this, just a sip It’ll cure that thing which you carry You know, The coat that you bring The one that you leave on and it tends to cling Never hanging itContinue reading “Go-Figure”

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